10 Simple Step Towards Amazing Free Time!

By Jen Regan | Planning

Apr 05

Many of you work hard outside of your home forty plus hours a week, giving your heart and soul to the work you do. As much as you try to leave it behind, it finds its way into your free time. Is it possible to leave work behind, enjoy your time off and jump right back in with energy when you return?

It is if you prioritize one essential habit at the end of every work week. Weekly planning! Here are 10 steps that are sure to transform both your work and your free time!

  1. Prioritize 30 minutes of uninterrupted time at the end of your work week.
  2. Use whatever system you prefer to organize your “to do” list and calendar.
  3. Dump your brain. Write down everything that needs to be added to your “to do” list and your schedule. There is a chance a few personal “to dos” will flow out with your work stuff. Make a note of it and keep dumping.
  4. Decide what tasks are most important to get done when you return to work. Use some system to prioritize them. I start with “must dos” and “wanna dos” or “must get dones” and “wanna get dones”.
  5. Look at your calendar for the next week and your current appointments. Make sure everything is documented in your system. The benefit of planning is to get everything out of your mind so you can free your mind during your time off.
  6. Block out time during your week to get the most important tasks done, your “must get dones”, giving yourself ample time to do your task and meet your deadlines.
  7. Realistically plan out your first day back to work, and have tentative plans for the rest of your week.
  8. Walk out the door at the end of your week with a plan. As work tries to intrude into your time off, remember you have a well thought out plan waiting for you at work. If other items pop into your mind that you had forgotten about, write them down immediately to release them from your brain. Bring them into work when you return.
  9. Walk back in the door of work having a plan and feeling empowered.
  10. As your work week evolves, adjust your plan daily. Try not to let others pull you too far off course. You know what you “must get done”, and it is up to you to defend the time you have set aside for them. Leave each night with a plan for the next day. Enjoy all of your time off!


The goal of weekly planning is to free your mind from work “stuff” enabling you to focus on what is most important to you personally during your time off.

Having a plan for work turns your free time into:

  • Time to focus on your health and well-being!
  • Time to focus on those you care about the most!
  • Time for rest and better sleep!
  • More fun and less worry!
  • Feeling more clear minded and less scatterbrained!
  • Time to work towards your dreams!
  • So much more!

Don’t wait another week! Start weekly planning this week! It is a difference maker!

Here’s to a great plan for work and much needed down time just for you!

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