3 Personalized Boosts For Your Day Today!

By Jen Regan | Prioritizing Yourself

Mar 28

Every single day we are taking care of those we love and work with. Taking care of and helping others is what we do, it’s who we are. We get a tremendous amount of joy from helping others and making their day run the best it can. An important question to ask is “What can we do to keep our tanks full and feel our absolute best at the same time?”

We are all coming to the end of winter, and for that we are thankful. For those of you reading from warm climates, we envy you in the months of February and March because the wait for spring, more sun and warmer weather can be grueling. It is this time of year when the sun starts to shine and the birds start to sing, that we start to feel alive again.

Even with the sun shining and the flowers popping up through the ground, we are all still prone to feeling worn out. It is important to us to keep all of the balls of life rolling and rolling well. Sometimes we find ourselves the last “ball” to be rolled, but I think it is time to change that. There are small things we can be aware of each day to give ourselves the individual boost that we need. It just requires some intentionality.

Today, ask yourself…

Does my body need a boost by moving and exercising, or could it benefit from some rest? It is pretty clear when our bodies are screaming for rest. Usually we can look back on our previous week and see that there has not been much rest in sight. There are also those days where you have been stuck behind your desk for hours on end, or sitting in your car running from one place to the next. These are the times when you body calls for some movement. Both movement and rest are wonderful ways to get a boost. Which one do you need today? Even in the smallest of ways, how can you make that happen today?

Would I get a boost by spending time with other people, or do I need to refill my tank with time by yourself? We have all had weeks that have been focused in on a deadline, project, or concern in life. As we work through these times and come out the other side, pay attention to how spending time with the important people in your life might give you a boost. Sometimes it feels great to have your office door open and walk around to chat with others. Sometimes, the door to your office, or maybe even your bathroom at home, needs to stay shut a little longer and even locked. Sometimes we simply need some time to ourselves to fill our tanks. When it comes to people, what will give you a boost today?

Will I get a boost by getting out of my comfort zone, or staying in it today? So many times we think staying inside of our comfort zone is the only way to bring us comfort, but that is not always true. Sometimes we know we need to take an uncomfortable step to move forward. Once we know we need to take that uncomfortable step, the longer we wait to do it, the more it actually zaps our energy. Sometimes “doing it afraid” and taking the “step of faith” will bring not only relief, but it can bring you a great sense of accomplishment too. There have also been times where I have been out of my comfort zone for quite some time and I needed the rest of staying comfortable for a while. What is the right thing for you today?

Like all of the wonderful people in our lives, we deserve a boost every single day! Many times we will be blessed with a boost from someone else, but let’s ensure our success and fit a boost in of our own!

I would love to hear what you have done or are doing to bring life and energy into your day! Leave a comment below! You have so much to contribute and share with other amazing women!

Here’s to having a great day filled with great things!

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