3 Ways To Add Sweet Moments To Our Lives

By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

Jul 08

Our hearts beat a special way, even flutters a little bit when we experience a special moment with someone or something that we hold dear to our hearts. It could be that moment standing out in nature when you have that awe-inspiring feeling in the presence of it’s beauty. It could be that precious moment a little one looks up at you in that way that is special just between the two of you. It could be that moment when your significant other gently puts their hand in yours. These are special moments in our lives, and they feel so great. Yet how can the days pass by so quickly and these moments become so rare?

baby-baby-with-mom-mother-kiss-tenderness-67663 resizedMy husband, John and I were not able to have children ourselves; however, we have been blessed to have been adopted as “Aunt Jen and Uncle John” by many families. We adore these families and love spending time with them. I especially enjoy the moments when the little ones try to tackle a project on their own, but soon find they need a little assistance. Aunt Jen is always glad to jump in to help! Just recently we had a crew of kids making S’mores, roasting their marshmallows over the fire then assembling their gooey, melted, scrumptious snack. A few of the younger kids brought their freshly melted marshmallows over to the table for assembly, and a perplexed look fell over their faces. “How do I get this gooey thing off my stick and make my S’more?” I happened to catch that look of uncertainty that allowed me to jump into action.  It took less than a minute as we worked together to assemble their S’more. The moment passes so quickly, but my heart skipped a beat when I handed them their ready to eat S’more. They looked up at me and they gave me something so sweet. It was that special look with that special smiles that said “thanks Aunt Jen.” No words needed.

These moments rarely happen on their own; they require some effort on our part. Here are three things that help facilitate special moments.

  1. Slowing down. Think back to the special moments you have had. Did they happen when you were running from one place to another feeling rushed or running late?  It’s possible, but mine have always been in those slower, more peace filled moments. Our lives are incredibly busy. More and more is expected of us on a daily basis.  Opportunities for special moments will slip by if we do not take the time to slow down.
  2. Ask ourselves what is most important? Is it more important to fold that last load of laundry or to sit down for a short period of time and talk with someone you love? Is it more important to run one more errand or to pull over into the park and enjoy an amazing sunset? Sometimes the laundry and the errand has to get done, I get it. But we will miss out on so much if we forget to remind ourselves what is most important.
  3. Look for opportunities. We have the opportunity to turn “normal” moments in our day into special moments. Looking for opportunities to create a special moment requires us to step out of our own world and into the world of others. If we are getting ready to stop by a friend or family member’s house, ask ourselves if there is something special you could pick up for them that would make their day. What do they love? Imagine the look on their face when they realize that not only did you go out of your way for them, but you remembered something that was special to them. The feeling in your heart will be priceless.

When you opened this blog post, what sweet moment immediately stirred in your mind? What did you have to do to make that moment a special moment? I, along with my other reader, would love to hear about your experiences and what made them special. Please comment below! You might have to set up an account the first time to leave a comment, but you only have to do it once and then we can chat all we want!
Here’s to a great life, filled with sweet moments!

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luckysix July 14, 2016

My daughter Tory just turned 20, and after seeing some new pics on FB of friends having babies, I thought of the moment I saw that sweet, round, pudgy face and said, “Hello sweet baby, I’m your momma and I love you!”

    Jen Regan July 15, 2016

    That is a precious moment! One you will never forget! Thank you for sharing it with me!

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