5 Familiar Steps To Deal With Pain – How Do You Need To Move Forward?

By Jen Regan | Baby Steps

May 09

Life is a beautiful thing, filled with loved ones, gorgeous spring days and challenging adventures we can conquer. Life can also be very hard, filled with disappointment, hail storms and challenges that are not easy to overcome. Physical pain is one of those challenges that can drain you and have you wondering what to do next. What can you start to do today to feel better?

The last seven years of my life have been filled with physical pain. I have dealt with irritable bowel pain, back and hip pain as well as overall achiness. I have made many changes over the past seven years, but I still find myself in pain. I know this is not very encouraging, but somehow I still have hope. With every change I have made in diet, stress management and exercise, I have learned something that has moved me forward. I no longer deal with some of the issues I once dealt with because a lot has worked. I continue to learn, grow and change in order to continue to get better. My life has revolved around baby steps in this area of my life and that is why I am so passionate about it. I would have lost hope a long time ago if it weren’t for improving my life through baby steps.

There are many of you reading this today that do not deal with pain and discomfort, but there are many of you who struggle with it every single day. I want to share with you some of the core things I have learned over the last few years in the hopes of encouraging you to keep going.

I encourage you to:

  • Work to find a medical professional that listens and really cares about your success. Chances are, if you have long term pain and discomfort, you may not find a quick fix. Finding a solution will be a process. Finding someone who will patiently listen to you to find the core issue causing your pain is so important. If someone is not working well for you, know it is okay to find someone else. This is all a part of the process. When you find the right medical professional to help you, you will feel like a team as you move forward. You will work together to feel better.
  • Learn, learn and learn. Medical professionals can only spend a short period of time with you during your appointments. Take the time to learn and read as much as you can on your own. As you already know, there is good and bad information on the internet. The approach I have taken is to read as much as I can from different points of view. I read information from sites that I consider to be reputable, but I also read what others have posted. Through this process I have found many sites that I now trust both in conventional medicine as well as natural medicine. I have learned not to accept the first thing that I read. I continue to hear other’s experiences and perspectives. Learning has helped me move forward and encourages me when I am in pain.
  • Move forward, literally! Of course always follow the instructions given to you from your medical professional. What I have learned with my pain and discomfort is it only gets worse when I stop moving. Literally, get out of the recliner and off of the hot pad and move. It is amazing how quickly hospitals have people up and moving after surgery these days. In many instances, they have found that moving is so much better than staying in bed. I know it is so hard when you are not feeling well. Sometimes it takes everything in you to keep moving, but you will feel the positive benefits when you do.
  • Do something positive for yourself. It might be eating the right food. It might be spending time with friends and family. It might be working on a hobby you enjoy. Whatever it is, it helps to be intentional about adding positive things into our lives when we are not feeling well. Note that I said positive things. Sometimes we crave comfort, but sometimes those comfortable things are not actually good for us in the long run.
  • Know that you can take the smallest of baby steps to move forward. You can call to make an appointment. You can read one article. You can walk around the house. You can find one healthy alternative to eat. You can meet up with a friend who will love and encourage you. Even on the most painful days, you can do something to move forward, even if it is to say a short prayer. The only way I have found the relief I have is through baby steps.

Yes, I still deal with pain, but I have come so far and so can you. Years back I wrote down in my Life Plan that I wanted to be active and vibrant as I grew older. The only way I can do that is to keep going, keep growing and keep move forward one baby step at a time.

What baby step can you take right now to help with the pain and discomfort in your life?

Here’s to a beautiful life, even in the midst of pain and discomfort.

Do you know someone who deals with pain and could use an encouraging word? If you do, give them a call and encourage them today. If you feel like this blog post will help, then by all means forward it their way. We all need each other!

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