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By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

Jul 04

We have a great bunch of ladies going through Module 2 of the Live Your Life On Track Series and today is day #7 for them. They have identified the areas in their life that are “non-negotiables” for them. Areas that cannot be neglected and are very important to them. Today, they continue to add great things into their lives and schedules. What a great reminder to us all this 4th of July!

I love summer! I will take the heat any day over the cold. My husband, John, is just the opposite. This year, John’s work has a “step” challenge going, encouraging all of their employees to get up and move. Well, John has taken on the challenge, and me along with him. Now that the days are getting so warm in St. Louis, we have been having to get out to do some laps around our neighborhood each evening. This challenge has added some great things to John and my life together. We are exercising more and we are spending a good amount of time each day talking about our day and what we think about life in general. I would have never expected all of the positive benefits it has brought us when we first started out.

What are some great things you could add to your life this summer? They don’t have to be big things, in fact, all you may be able to fit in is small things. With that in mind, what are some small things that could bring you and your loved ones the biggest joy?

Today, along with my Module 2 ladies, think about the areas that are most important in your life, the areas you would not want to neglect. Ask yourself, what small things could I add to my schedule right now that would make a big impact? For you, and for those you care about. Add them to your calendar right now and remember, they are non-negotiable!

Here’s to a great, impactful summer!

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