Are you Prepared to Profit from the Insightful Words of Others?

By Jen Regan | Perseverance

Jan 19

Have you ever had an individual say just the right thing at just the right time? Their simple words can bring instant clarity, direction, and excitement. They feel great! How can we recognize the significance of these moments and put our new-found insights into action?

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Just recently I went in to see my Chiropractor, Dr. Matt, followed by rehab with Dr. John. I have had back problems for years and these two guys have been dedicated to helping me find the problem and solution. Over the past year that they have been seeing me, we have slowly built a level of trust to the point where we can be pretty candid with each other. During my appointments, we talk a lot about my back stuff, but we chat about life stuff too. Dr. Matt and I were talking about goal setting, something that I have a good amount of experience with, and I was explaining to him that I wanted to find a way to have one foot out of my comfort zone and one foot in my comfort zone. Out of curiosity, he asked me the simple questions “What does your comfort zone look like?” and I could not answer his question. I did not know. His simple question inspired me. I wanted to dig deeper and find the answer.

The story is not over yet. As I left his office, I walked back to the training room to meet with John to work on some new exercises to build strength in the areas that I am weak. I get a little gung-ho when it comes to exercise, so he has learned that he has to reign me in a little bit at times. John has been telling me since day one that it is not about how many reps I can do and how much weight I can lift, but it’s about being aware and doing things right. As we were finishing up this particular day, he looked me in the eyes and said “Jen, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality!” I don’t know if I was just in an insightful mood that day, but the light bulb finally went on in my head. How important quality is over quantity finally clicked and now I see the same principle repeated in all areas of my life.

These are examples of two moments where the right words were spoken at the right time and they have the potential to propel me in a great direction. The question is, what happens now? Do I do something with these insights, or do I let them drift away? I think all of us would agree that doing something with the amazing insights that come our way is the answer. Here are some things to help us do just that.

  • Recognize the insight as something special. We have all seen the light bulb go on in others. It happens with our children, our co-workers, and our friends. I have been across the table many times when I saw a thought strike a chord with a friend. The insights strike a chord for a reason. Recognize them as special, first and foremost.
  • Document them. If we are not careful, the busyness of life will swoop in and steal that insight from us. We need to do whatever it takes to remember it. I have a friend who carries a small notepad with her, mostly for things she needs to remember throughout her day. A notebook or note on our phones would work. Write a note on a napkin. I have even had someone call and leave themselves a voicemail. Do whatever it takes to remember that great insight.
  • Figure out how to put it into action. Most insights don’t mean anything if they are not acted upon. I can think all day about how quality is more important than quantity, but it means nothing until I apply it. Ask yourself how you can apply your newfound wisdom, and do it!
  • I’ll say it again, “DO IT!” These special insights are gifts. Let’s unwrap them, enjoy them and make our lives better because of them!

I admire your tenacity in life. You are determined to Live Your Best, and I commend you for it! Let’s fill our lives with amazing people who will encourage us with life changing insights!

Here’s to embracing insights and make our lives even better!

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