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Nov 21

I Don’t Want It To Be All About Me

By Jen Regan | Living Life Together , Serving Others

Through the past month I have spent some time focusing on some great qualities of our world today, but also some unintended consequences. We have talked about how the speed of today can get us into the mindset that living and accomplishing things slowly is a bad thing. We have also looked at the awesome conveniences in our world today, but how we can start to feel like things are bad when they get a little bit hard. In my last blog post, we looked at the entertainment that is at our fingertips, but how we can start to see “boring” as bad. Today, I am going to tackle a fourth quality of our world and the challenging consequences.

The topic for today is uncomfortable for me. It is a topic where I want to point fingers at other people, but in reality, I need to point it back at myself. The topic is ENTITLEMENT. 

The definition from the Oxford Dictionary is: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment (underline mine).

Because I want to live the best life I can, and I believe you read my blog posts because you want to also, I think it’s important for some self reflection. I have to ask myself “are there times in my day when I feel like I am deserving of privileges and special treatment?” The answer is yes.

I find myself especially bad at feeling like I deserve special treatment when I am crazy busy and with little time to spare. I can find myself whipping in and out of traffic not caring who I inconvenience. I can get in my zone at the grocery store and not care about anyone else. I feel like I deserve everything to run smoothly at work, and when it doesn’t, I take it out on those around me. I deserve to be healthy. I deserve for things to come easy. I deserve privilege.

We all want to live the best life that we can and I feel like one of the ways to combat entitlement is to think of others. I get into the “entitlement trap” when all I am thinking about is myself, but that is all I have time for sometimes. I want to remind myself and all of you today, serving others can be done in some very small ways, we just have to be intentional about doing it. It can be grabbing a co-worker a coffee when you pick up yours. It can be allowing someone in front of you during rush hour traffic. It can be grabbing an extra can of food at the grocery store and put it in the food collection box for the food bank. It all starts with our mindset.  When I start to think about others, what they are going through and how I can encourage them, my heart fills and what I deserve is not my only focus. 

Of course, I do not want us to neglect ourselves and our self care, but my encouragement to all of us, in this world of entitlement, is to work to think about, love and serve others. Will you join me in that focus over the next few weeks as the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season begin?

I think the best Holiday Season is one of both taking care of ourselves and prioritizing others as well.

Here’s to living our best!

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Nov 07

I Wish I Had Time To Be Bored!

By Jen Regan | Keep It Simple

This week’s blog post is the third of five blog posts that were inspired by hearing Dr. Tim Elmore at a recent conference. He is an Author and President of  an organization called Growing Leaders. He has the exciting job of growing the future generations into amazing leaders. As I have shared in my previous two blog posts, our world has some amazing things going on, but there are some unintended consequences to some of these amazing things. Today we are going to touch on the fact that our world today is filled with entertainment that we have at our fingertips. At any given moment, we can, and do pull up something to read, watch or play on our smartphones. We are constantly being entertained. What, then, is the unintended consequence to our entertaining world? We, and our next generation can see boredom as bad.

I think all of us would joke “I wish I had time to be bored!” because our lives seem so nonstop most of the time. I think if most of us were truthful though, we are the first to try to fill our time if we have a spare moment. It is what we do, but there are actually benefits to having mental downtime. 

Do you know our brains actually do some amazing things when we take time to turn them off? Why is it that we remember things when we are in the shower? It’s because our minds start to relax. It’s when they start to relax that they start to do some cool stuff.

When our minds have time to relax, we open our minds up to creativity. Many great leaders in our history books prioritized time to go out on a walk to allow their minds to wonder. It was during these mind wondering, boring times that they both found refreshment of body, refreshment of mind and refreshment of their thoughts.

If today we, and our kids, feel the need for constant stimulation and entertainment, I have to wonder if we are all starting to miss out on some really good stuff that “boredom” can give us. Are we missing out on the physical and mental refreshment that we need to truly have good health? Are we missing out on creativity in our lives because we rarely allow our minds the time to “wonder” and utilize that different part of our mind?

We all want to be in the best health we can possibly be in. Would you enjoy a little bit more creativity in your life? The ability to find new and creative answers to the concerns of your day to day life? I don’t know about you, but I am going to try to allow myself  a little bit more bored.

  • I am going to start with trying not to pull out my phone when I have a few minutes to wait. I am going to try to just sit and let my mind relax.

  • I am going to try to take a walk or ride my bike without listening to music, but allow my mind to wander.

  • Try cooking or baking with the TV off. Enjoy talking to your loved ones or just being in the moment.

  • When driving, take a period of time with no music or podcasts playing. See what interesting thoughts come your way.

I don’t know about you, but it will take some time to train myself to enjoy being bored. I am excited to see how it benefits my overall health and my creativity.

Let’s do it together! Let me, and all of those reading today, know what experiences you have had or if you are willing to give this a try with me. If you have a friend who is working through a particularly difficult challenge in life right now, suggest some boredom to allow them time to rest. You never know, a creative idea may come their way as well.

Have a great week! Enjoy the fun entertainment our world has to offer and enjoy turning it off for a while and enjoy the benefits of boredom too!

Oct 24

Wow, That Sounds HARD!

By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

Recently I heard Dr. Tim Elmore speak. He talked about many things that are great in our world today, but also shared some unintended consequences to some of them. Two weeks ago I share the first one, how our world is very fast paced today. The unintended consequence is that sometimes we start to think that “slow” is a bad thing. This week I want to touch on another great thing about our world which is how everything we need is very convenient. Convenience is AWESOME, but it can create an unintended consequence.

Sometimes, before we know it, we get so used to things being convenient and easy that we can accidentally slip into seeing anything that is “hard” as a bad thing.

There are so many areas in my life where I don’t want things to be hard. It was hard to pick just one to use as an example. A HUGE areas that I LOVE convenience is with my food. The food industry has made EVERYTHING convenient. We have yogurt in “to go” packages, every kind of protein or snack bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner that can be zapped in the microwave. Even our fruit is already sliced for us and given to us in individual sized packages. These things are great for a fast paced world, right?

Now let’s look at food on the flip side, preparing and eating food that requires cutting, measuring, mixing, simmering, and more than five ingredients. I have always enjoyed baking, but cooking, not so much. If a recipe has more than five ingredients, I get lost and give up. IT’S HARD. It’s not convenient! But what is truly right? Convenience is not bad in and of itself, but more and more research is coming out that pre-packaged food with lots of preservatives may not be the healthiest for us. The term “clean food” is talked about more and more, but “clean” food is not always convenient food. 

Our world promotes speed and convenience, but the benefit of slow and hard might look like:

  • A family sitting down for a healthy dinner together. (That sounds hard!) Having conversations about what is on each of their minds. (That sounds nice!)

  • Asking everyone to leave their screen of choice at home (That is hard!) and head out on a hike or an adventure of choice. (That sounds nice!)

  • Turning off the TV and peel yourself off the couch (That’s hard after a long day of work) and stay strong through exercise. (This will keep you strong and healthy for the long term, which is nice!) Wow, I have been struggling with this one lately!

Our world is an amazing place to live, but slowing things down and embracing some good things, even though they are hard, will make life better in the long run.

Does this sound overwhelming? Just remember, you and I can’t do everything. We have to pick and choose the things that are the BEST for us and those we care about. 

Are you going to embrace some slow in the midst of the fast pace? Are you going to plan out something hard, knowing the long term benefits of it? I have found both to be well worth it.

Let's Do It Together!  Following through on things that are HARD is not easy. Whatever you try to tackle, share your plans with a friend. Help and encourage each other through the process.

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Oct 10

Does It Feel Wrong To Go Slow?

By Jen Regan | Keep It Simple

Our world today values speed. One or two day delivery with Amazon Prime, faster computers and smartphones, instant access to maps. Music, apps and friends. I love every single one of these things and utilize them daily, but there can be an unintended side effect if we are not careful. In our world of speed, do we start to see moving slow as a bad thing?

I have heard countless women express tremendous guilt when having a “slower” day. We feel so much better and valuable when we are busy from start to finish. It can feel exhilarating to check a ton of items off our “to-do” list, and worthless when we don’t.

This feeling of guilt is compounded in our fast paced world when something in life like a health issue gives you no choice but to slow down. It can make us feel guilty, useless and with no energy to keep up.

Stress management is listed as part of the remedy for many medical conditions. Stress management and the speed of our  world don’t blend well together. Stress management usually means it’s time to slow some things down.

Today is a great day to try to see the beauty in the slower things in life.

  • The beauty in people

  • The beauty of nature

  • The beauty of family and friends

  • The beauty found in unexpected moments and places.

There are so many wonderful things about the speed of our lives today, but let’s not forget the beauty of living slowly too.

Do you see the value in the slow beauty of life?

If your life has forced you to slow down, are you willing to try to embrace it and see the beauty in it?

I encourage all of us, in our fast paced world, to form the habit of embracing “slow” and enjoying its beauty that would have rushed by otherwise.

Today’s blog post was inspired by Dr. Tim Elmore who I recently heard at a conference I attended. Dr. Elmore is the founder and president of an organization called Growing Leaders. Our next generation of kids (Generation Z) are growing up in a crazy fast world. An unintended consequence of the fast pace is that kids can believe that slow is bad. As we live life together, let’s love our kids and grandkids by helping them to experience the beauty of slow, along with the fast.

Join me the next 4 weeks to look at 4 more unintended consequences of our world today. See you next week!

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Sep 19

Fall Fun Just For You!

By Jen Regan | Prioritizing Yourself

School is back in swing, new routines are being set for the new school year and schedules get busier and busier with fall activities. Dare I mention, the holidays are right around the corner, too. Our lives are filled with a lot of “good” stuff, but today I want to encourage you to think about something fun for you. It’s part of your Fall Self Care.

It is always great to have something to look forward to. It could be an upcoming vacation, it could be a day off just for yourself, it could be having time to read a good book. Life is so busy and demands so much of us, it is important for us to have some fun.

I have an upcoming trip to Atlanta with a friend. I cannot wait to enjoy a road  trip as well as all of the activities we have planned. I have been planning this trip for most of the year, and it has supplied some much needed anticipation, especially during some of the tough challenges that I faced this year. 

What do you like to do for fun? Just for you. Yes, family vacations can be awesome, but what do you like to do for YOU? Years back when I was focused on climbing my career ladder, I somehow stopped having fun. When my body told me I needed a break, I had forgotten how to have fun. One of the questions I asked myself as I rediscovered fun in my life, was “What did I enjoy doing as a child?” This helped me to get back in tune with my love for being outside, being active, keeping things simple. If you don’t do not have much fun just for you, take some time to think about what you have enjoyed in your past and how you can bring that into your future.

Life is an experiment! Don’t give up if you don’t discover “fun” right away. Try different things. If they do not work out, ask yourself “why?” Years back, I discovered my love for cycling, but I learned quickly that I don’t like to cycle like everyone else. I like to ride slow and steady. I do not like to ride fast like many other cyclists do, and that is okay for both of us. I found the right way for me to have fun on my bike. I have also never been a big movie watcher, but recently I noticed a few movies that I would love to see in the theater, so I am trying something new. What is something fun and new you can try?

Start a new tradition! Plan a girls weekend and make it a yearly tradition. Do something fun with a friend and before the night is over, schedule your next time together (Life is so much better lived together). My Mother-In-Law, Mary, just recently invited me to a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game (Go Cards!). We had such a nice time. When we were done, we said “we need to make this a yearly tradition!” Now I have something to look forward to next year!

Schedule it! You all know that if you do not block time out for your “fun time” something else will fill that spot. Look at your calendar right now and block off some time for some FUN! I know emergencies come up, but barring that, try to be firm about keeping your “fun time”. It is very easy to push it off to another time. Remember, fun is a part of our Self Care. We are much better moms, wives, employees or bosses when we prioritize fun in life. What are you putting on your calendar right now to have some fun?

Fall is such a fun time of year. Take care of yourself and add some fun in your life, just for you!

Here’s to living our best life filled with lots of fun times!

Sep 12

This One Habit Can Bring A Smile To Your Day

By Jen Regan | Uncategorized

Have you ever been having “one of those days” then the sun peaks through the clouds to form a beautiful rainbow? Have you ever had to drive into work at a very early hour of the morning then suddenly the rising sun turns the horizon beautiful shades of pink, orange and yellow? My favorite, because I am a dog lover, is when I am driving along and a car passes me with a dog’s head sticking out the window. The dog is as happy as can be with the wind in its face and ears flapping. All of these things bring a smile to my face, even on the days that I don’t feel my best.

Unfortunately, each day is not filled with rainbows, beautiful sunrises and cute puppys. On most days, it is up to us to find a little bit of joy, and finding something to be thankful for is a great way to do it.

Over the past six months I have been dealing with a crazy amount of food sensitivity. My body has been in a constant state of fighting most food that I try to put in it. It has been a real struggle working through pain, inflammation, fatigue and skin irritation. 

Earlier in the year I had decided to sign up for a two day 150 mile bike ride. I love to ride my bike and I love a good challenge, so why not? That was before all of these food challenges, but I decided to keep going, to keep taking baby steps to see if I could do it. 

Going into the ride this past weekend, I knew my training was not perfect, but I felt like I was as ready as I was going to be. I rode my first 75 mile day enjoying the beautiful day until the last 15 miles. The first hill was not so bad, but just as I topped it, I saw the next hill. And then the next. And the next. By the time I crossed the finish line I was in tears. I had nothing left.

Day number two was cancelled due to thunderstorms, but even though I had an “easy out” I still felt like I had failed. I knew, rain or shine, there was no way I could ride another 75 miles on the second day. As I started to feel down about my body and how I feel like it has let me down, a reminder of being grateful popped into my mind. It quickly turned my mounting pity party into a feeling of strength and accomplishment. I had ridden 75 crazy, hilly miles! For that I became thankful for!

It is hard to feel thankful when you get some really bad news, but there is always something to be thankful for.

When life is tough and it feels like you do not have any energy left, finding something to be thankful for will give you a small boost.

  • Think about the important people you have in your life. Find gratitude in each of those relationships.
  • Think about the health you do have. Find gratitude in what you do have.
  • Think about the opportunities you have in your life. Find gratitude in them.
  • Think about your surroundings. Find gratitude in the big and small things.

Finding something to be thankful for is something we have to be intentional about on both good and bad bays. It is a daily habit that, if prioritized, will bring joy into your day.

Here’s to finding one thing to be thankful for and enjoying that moment in your day today!

Let's Do It Together: Sometimes when life throws us challenges, the best medicine is hearing from a friend. Sometimes we feel all alone and a phone call or text can make all the difference. Who is one or two people in your life you could encourage right now? Don’t wait another moment. It could make all the difference to someone today!

Sep 05

Is There Something Weighing On Your Mind?

By Jen Regan | Can Do Attitiude , Perseverance , Prioritizing Yourself

What is weighing on your mind today? Life has a tendency to throw us curve balls in big and small ways every single day. The challenge is, how do we work through those challenges each day while keeping up with life? 

I received a medical bill in the mail today. I knew it was coming, but I kind of hoped that insurance had taken care of the whole amount and I was good to go. That was NOT THE CASE! I am trying to move on about my day, like writing this blog post, but it is still weighing on my mind.

The Amount of this medical bill was a surprise, but many of you are dealing with much bigger issues. Issues that are going to take up a good amount of time, effort and energy. 

If you are like me, you feel you can pile that BIG CHALLENGE on you shoulders and keep going. Afterall, that is what you do, right? Life does not stop or slow down for us, it keeps moving and we feel like we need to stay on pace with it.

I want to challenge you today to approach your new challenges a little bit differently.

Allow some give and take in your life.

Would you consider your life to be busy? I know very few women that would answer that as “no”.

If your life is already busy, and you have a new challenge added to it, would you consider looking for something on your schedule to remove to prevent overload?

I don’t think we realize how much work it is to take on a new challenge. I just read this interesting fact. “A 2010 Study started by making the point that anytime we have something on our mind, it’s literally using up energy - even though it accounts for only about 2 percent of your body weight, your brain uses up 20 percent of your energy. 1

Today, whatever challenge has come your way, your mind is using energy to work through it, even as we go about our busy day. 

I encourage you today to remember that you only have so much energy to expend. If you have had to add more onto your plate, consider loving yourself enough to find something to remove, even if it is temporary.

We want to live an amazing life. Giving and taking is a huge part of that. Let’s not forget that challenges require energy, and energy can be in short supply. 

What is weighing on your mind today and do you need to make some adjustments to make room for it?

Here’s to cutting back when we need to, and keeping our energy tanks full!

If you could use a friend to encourage you at this point in your life, take a moment to reach out to a dear friend. Life is so much better lived together.

1 Michael Bungay Stanieer, The Coaching Habit (Toronto ON Canada: Box Of Crayons Press 2016) 48.

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Aug 29

One Thing To Do When You Need A Little Motivation

By Jen Regan | Baby Steps , Planning

Are you feeling a little unmotivated? You know “you should” be doing something, but it is hard to pull the energy together to do it? Feeling unmotivated is draining, but the opposite is true, too. When we have a plan of attack and we are moving forward, it feels great! How then can we boost our motivation? I know one thing that can help.

I recently had the blahs. Along with my blahs, I had unexpected aches and pains, veterinarian appointments for my dog, car repairs and computer issues that popped up. I felt like everything was fighting against me and my motivation. My energy was plummeting. There was one area that I felt like I was on track, and that was my training for an upcoming bike ride. Even though it was hard to keep going, I was able to. I asked myself what it was that was keeping me going, in the hopes that I could do the same in other areas of my life. 

My motivation came from the commitment to a deadline. Eight months ago to the day, I signed up for this bike ride. A few months after that I announced it to friends and family as I start to fundraise. Every time I do not want to go for a ride, I know I have to. I have committed and my deadline is fast approaching.

It is easy for us to think of deadlines when it comes to work, but it is more challenging to think of them when it comes to our personal lives. Setting deadlines is a matter of being intentional about moving forward and setting ourselves up to succeed.

If you need to get moving in an area of your life, here are some baby steps to take and their benefits:

  1. Decide on one area to move forward in. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. We all tend to have multiple areas that we “feel” we need to move forward in. The problem with focusing on all of them is, we can become paralyzed by the sheer volume of the things we need to do. That does not mean you have to ignore all of the other areas of your life. Let’s simply focus on one area of your life today and we can add more in the future when the timing feels right. What is the one thing you want to move forward on today? Write out a simple statement. Some examples may be:

    • I want to sell my house in the next year.

    • I want to start walking every day.

    • I want to go through every closet in my home.

    • I want to quit smoking.

    • I want to lower my blood sugar to ____.

  2. Decide on a realistic date of completion. Setting a deadline is key. If you do not set a deadline, the item goes back into the category of “I should”. Setting a deadline moves it into the category of “I am doing it!”. It is important to push yourselves a little with your deadline. We don’t want much room for procrastination. We don’t want to set an unrealistic goal either. I don’t know about you, but if I get off course, I can tend to give up completely. What is your deadline?

  3. Figure out your first few baby steps, or line out the entire project. Whatever feels right to you. Sometimes it helps to write out your “must dos” and your “wanna dos”. Our “must dos” are the things that are essential for your success. Your “wanna dos” are not essential, but things you would like to do. Putting a list together can direct your baby steps and it can dump everything out of your brain. Sometimes we carry so many things around in our brains, it can be overwhelming. What are your first few baby steps?

  4. Start moving. You have a plan, now it’s time to work your plan. Now it’s time to put one foot in front of the other and start to make things a reality. 

  5. Share your commitment with someone you do not want to let down. Life is so much better when we do it together. Sharing your plan with someone adds a little boost to our motivation. It is also great to have someone you can share your progress with. Someone who will be excited for you and someone who might even join you. I share my plans with a few close friends as well as my counselor. I also love to hear what they are up to so that I can check in on them and cheer them on. Who can you share your plans with? Who can you cheer on today?

We want to live energized life, and there is nothing that zaps our energy more than lack of motivation and lethargy. Today’s the day to add some energy to your life by setting a deadline, committing, taking a step forward and having fun doing it with someone close to you!

Here’s to finding that motivation we need to make things happen and ROCKIN’ OUT some goals!

Aug 22

How To Adjust, When Your Body Tells You A Change Must Be Made

By Jen Regan | Baby Steps , Overcoming Obstacles , Prioritizing Yourself

Has your body been telling you to slow down, get moving, or it’s time to make some other needed changes? We can cruise along in life for quite some time feeling good, bet inevitably an adjustment needs to be made. Life might be dishing out a little extra stress. You may have received a medical diagnosis, or your work has had you sitting a lot and your body is craving some movements. Is your body asking you to make some adjustments today?

I have tornado dreams. I live in the midwest, and even though I don’t have an extreme fear of tornadoes, I certainly have a fearful respect for them. I have found when life starts to get a little bit too stressful, my body communicates that I need to make some adjustments, My body does that through tornado dreams. There have been many times when I have felt like I was holding life together just fine, but my body was telling me differently. There have been times when I have been surprised to have a tornado dream, but once I sit back and think about it, I can usually see that something has been causing me stress. 

If your body (or doctor) is asking you to make some adjustments today, chances are it is a little bit stressful. We all live very busy lives and adjustments take extra time and energy we do not have. How do we move forward to a place of feeling better?

  • Take a deep breath, take a moment to yourself and even allow yourself to cry. It is important to love yourself and take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your body may need a release when stress hits and I have found the above to be helpful.

  • Gather information. This may be as simple as recognizing stress and asking yourself what you need to do to make adjustments. This could also be learning about the medical condition you have been diagnosed with. Maybe meeting with a nutritionist to help guide you. Taking a little bit of time to learn and see what others have done to succeed is a great start. Take small chunks of time if you need to. Try not to let your lack of time keep you from this step. Something might have to give for this week to allow you to focus on you. 

  • Break it down into small action steps. Once you have started to gather your information, it’s time for action. Decide what actions step you need to take first, and maybe a few more steps after that. Write them down, or put them on your calendar. Keeping them inside your mind, which already has a lot to keep track of, might not work the best. Once you start moving forward, it is a great idea to keep a journal right from the start. Document what is working and what is not. Over time it is hard to remember all of the details and it can be helpful to look back, sometimes just to see how far you have come.

  • Move forward slowly and steadily. Remember, sprinting off the starting line feels great, but we can also fizzle out quickly. Slow and steady is a great philosophy and has shown to work in situations that require effort over time. 

  • Shift your mindset to self care. It is your heart to serve and take care of others, but many times this means we get the leftovers if there are any. Start to think about self care and its importance. When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others with more energy and vitality. Try to shift your mind to love yourself and love taking care of yourself. 

  • Celebrate each small accomplishments. One of the things that stinks about taking care of yourself is that you do not get many accolades for doing it. Like it or not, we all like to be told we are doing well. Learn to build celebration into your life for yourself. 

You are an amazing woman, but life does throw you some curveballs at times. Adjustments need to be made and your body needs to be taken care of. Keep moving forward one small step at a time and before you know it, you will be well on your way to feeling better.

Here’s to moving forward the best we can, even when adjustments need to be made!

Aug 15

How To Live The Life You Desire, At The Pace That Is Right For You

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself

Do you feel, at times, like life is conspiring against you, trying to make you busier and busier, trying to make you rush to fit more in? I think you are right, but that does not mean that it “is right”. If we believe that it is normal for life to get busier and busier, I have to ask the questions “when is enough, enough?” and “what is our limit?”

You are being sent messages almost every minute of every day on the radio, social media, advertisements embedded in articles, television and even blogs written by people like me. If someone is trying to sell something, they don’t want you to wait, they want to convince you that you need it NOW. You may not even realize it, but these tactics are built into scripts of tv shows. They truly are everywhere and when acted upon, they impact our time and our finances.

The challenge with needing everything NOW or doing everything NOW is it can add unneeded busyness and stress to our lives. If we feel like we NEED to have our child experience everything possible before they finish elementary school, that may cause your entire household to be on the run the entire time. Please know, I am not against experiencing great things and trying different activities to see what we enjoy and what we don’t. What I want all of us, including myself, to keep in the forefront of our mind is that we are being told CONSTANTLY that we need to do everything NOW, and we really don’t. 

What we do want to do is be in control of our lives and set the pace that is perfect for us and those we love.

Take control! The first step for me in taking control is to become aware of all of the outside influences that are trying to control me and my choices. Did you know that every item in a grocery store is strategically places to increase your purchases? The obvious ones are the candy bars that are perfectly placed when you are standing in line, hungry after work. There are also vacation destinations that cleverly make parents feel like they are letting their children down if they do not prioritize a vacation to their location. We may sometimes feel like we need to do something to keep up with those around us too. I am getting ready to buy a “new” used car, and there is no doubt that part of my decision was based on how I would look to others. We want to fit in, but at what cost? 

Once you are aware of the outside influences, let’s do everything we can to do what is right for us and our loved ones.

Know your personal speed limit. I believe we have a speed limit that is personal to each of us. It has been developed from our core personality as well as our upbringing and experiences throughout the years. I think one great way to get in tune with your personal speed limit is to look at yourself when you are under the least amount of pressure, on vacation. What speed feel best for you when you are on vacation? Now, realize that sometimes we fall into “I have to fit it all in” mode when we are on vacation too, but when you have your best day, what is the pace that feels best for you?  I have figured out that my personal speed limit is slow and steady. I have been around other amazing women that move comfortably a little bit faster. When you work at a pace the “feels good” pay attention to that pace because it is more than likely your personal speed limit.

Once you know your personal speed limit, do all you can to live your life at that speed, regardless of what others are communicating to you. (Also note: your loved ones may have a different speed limit. We want to respect theirs as well)

Living busier and busier lives is going to end in stress and burnout. Let’s do all that is within our control to live our very best life!

Here’s to doing what is right for you and those you love!

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