Beauty in the place where NEW and NORMAL meet!

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Sep 12

Today’s post may seem like a contradiction to my normal “go get-em” posts. But as I reflected on my week, I realized that even though it was great, it was pretty ordinary. At first I interpreted this as a bad thing, but I also knew deep down that it was a great week. How can something so ordinary be so great?

I believe it is important to continually grow in life. For me, I try to grow by reading and hearing other perspectives. I also like to try something new every once in a while. Ordinary, on the other hand, is defined as “with no special or distinctive features; normal.” This week, I found beauty in the place where NEW and NORMAL meet.

beauty in ordinary
My week probably looked a lot like yours. Laundry, house cleaning, lawn work, work work, errands, exercise, bathed the dog (or kids for many of you), paper work, and appointments. A pretty ordinary week. I did not come up with any great discoveries, nor scale a mighty mountain (with the exception of the laundry pile). But I did:

  • Meet a new and extraordinary person.
  • I was able to show generosity by giving a large tip to someone who works hard but makes little money.
  • I was able to move forward in getting UN-STUCK by learning some new exercises to help my aching back.
  • I was able to support and encourage those close, special people in my life.
  • I was able to make my home a comfortable place to be and live.
  • I exercised and had a medical procedure to improve my health.

All of these things are very ordinary because we do them all the time, no special or distinctive features, but they are wonderful!

Give yourself credit today for the little things!

  • Be proud of the fact that you kissed and loved your kids and significant others this morning.
  • Remember and acknowledge the new people that come into your life.
  • Realize the smile you gave someone, or the door you held for someone, made a difference.
  • Consider the work you do around the house to be a job well done and a job that improves the lives of those you love.

Give yourself credit! Yes, there is always more to do, more to learn, places to go, people to see. But embrace the ordinary in your life as well!

What did you do today or this week that seemed ordinary, but needs to be seen as extraordinary?

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