Become More Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

By Jen Regan | Perseverance

Mar 26

I believe that at the center of the universe there dwells a loving spirit who longs for all that’s best in all of creation, a spirit who knows the great potential of each planet as well as each person, and little by little will love us into being more than we ever dreamed possible. That loving spirit would rather die than give up on any one of us.” - Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) 1

This quote is packed with so many great things, but the part that hits my heart is that this loving spirit (I know to be God) “little by little loves us into being more than we ever dreamed possible.”

This is incredibly true to my life. Life has not gone as I had planned, if fact, the theme I would give to my life is “wait”. Waiting has been one of the hardest things for me to do. I’m a doer, a person who likes to move forward, set goals and accomplish them. Waiting has been a real struggle for me. This past year when my body was not cooperating with my timetable, I had to wait. I have to admit though, that it has been in my time of waiting that the loving spirit of the universe has taught me the most. I can say through the waiting, I have, little by little, been loved into being more than I ever could have dreamed of. It is in the waiting that we can find great opportunity, if we are willing.

Many of us feel like we are in a waiting game right now, and we are. I have been so proud of all of you for being the best you can be during this time of waiting. Being our best means expressing our emotions, good and bad, then taking a deep breath of perspective, knowing we can and will make it through.

I want you to know today, that whatever happens during this time in our lives, the spirit of the universe (God) has allowed it. Little by little He will love us into being more than we ever dreamed possible. That loving spirit did die for us, so that we all can live. Turn to Him today! His arms are wide open.

Living Life Together: We need each other more now than ever. Let’s ask ourselves “who could I call or touch base with today?” It will bring joy to both their day and yours! Also remember the free resource I have available on my website. I have been using it daily, along with other friends, to clear our minds and help us create a realistic plan for our day, when life is anything but normal. I’ll place a link at the bottom of this post so you can pass it on to those who could use it.

We can live our best lives right now, and every day. What does that look like for you? Do what it takes to make it happen.

My daily walk with Jesus: I start each day with Jesus. I pray the prayer that He gave us to pray, The Lord’s Prayer. It starts by acknowledging that God is Holy, that His Will is good and will be done on earth. I ask Him to provide what I need to get through today (my daily bread). I admit that I fall short everyday and need forgiveness, and others in my life need forgiveness too. And lastly to keep me from temptation, and remove me from the evil in the world.  I have found this prayer to be a perfect way to start each day. I think about each phrase as I say it, and really put my heart and soul into it. I then end each day in thanksgiving for God’s Will being done, even when it is not necessarily what I wanted. God has a bigger picture in mind, and I have to trust that He knows what is ultimately best. I look at how I had fallen short and ask for forgiveness. I pray for a good night's sleep and look forward to the next day when I get to do it all over again.

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1 Fred Rogers, Life’s Journey According To Mister Rogers (New York: Hachette Books, 2005), 17

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

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