Better Today than Yesterday

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Oct 05

Continual growth is a core value of both myself and of our Personal Coaching and Leadership Development business, Lead Thru Example, LLC.

We define Continual Growth as:

We choose to be better today than we were yesterday by continuing to learn new things and look at new perspectives.

This is hard work at times, but life can be empty and frustrating without continual growth. I have heard the saying, if you are not growing, you are dying, and I think the saying really has a good point.

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I have been learning new things in my life that are stretching for me. I have found that as I am stretched, I can really get discouraged. I joked with my Personal Coach that one moment I am high as a kite, the next I am as low as I can go. What is my deal? This week I have found myself on the roller coaster of life, and even though I couldn’t stop life in its tracks, there were some things I could change, some adjustments I could make, a fresh perspective I could consider.

You have heard it from me before, and I can guarantee you will hear it from me again:

When life seems crazy, get off the crazy train, set aside some quiet time and think.

When is the last time you had intentional quiet time to process/think about your life? Your children’s life? The life of your career? The life of your marriage or relationships? Seriously! In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we don’t set aside time to think. To help me think, I journal. Writing things down help me to think things through.

That is what I did this week.

  • When I felt off, I asked myself why? and what was bothering me? I took time to think about it and was able to identify some issues.
  • I also decided some fresh perspectives would be healthy. I bought a book to read that suited my situation. I used to not even consider marking up a book, but I have underlined (in pencil) a number of takeaway items for me to remember and implement.
  • I also spent some time online learning new things, and seeing what others are doing.

I do feel like I was shriveling up and dying until I made the choice to grow. Is life perfect now? Of course not. But I am learning, hearing other perspectives and growing more into a more amazing Jen!

Do you need to prioritize Continual Growth in your life? What can you do to be better today than you were yesterday? What can you do to be a more amazing YOU?

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Craig Dahlgren October 6, 2013

Two things I learned new yesterday were: 1. To bleed
brakes, the brake drum needs to be on the car – only cost me ~$13 to learn that
lesson and another couple hours. 2. When installing a light switch,
the ground goes on the right in the box. Now these may seem simple to
some, but definitely learning opportunities (and Continued Growth) for me!
Glad I’m still learning and living!

    Jen Regan October 6, 2013

    Craig, I am glad you are living and learning! You make a great point, that many times what we learn is not planned. We learn, adjust, and move on. I am glad you were able to get things done. You are a great example to those around you!

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