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May 28

We Are Stronger Together…At Home

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself , Living Life Together

Through the years, many of us have discovered our strengths and have applied them to the work that we do outside of the home. Many are detail oriented, others are great at looking at the big picture and moving the team in that direction. Some move fast, others move at a slow and steady pace. Some work best in the morning, some in the afternoon and many are night owls. We have discovered, through the years, that when we work within our strengths, our work feels right and good. How can we make our homes feel more “right” and “good” by cherishing and using our strengths and the strengths of our family?

My husband, John, is the one in my family who is working from home to provide income for our family to thrive. Without him and his hard work, we would be under a huge financial strain. When it is time to get something done, John gets it done. He does not mess around. One thing that is not John’s strength is planning ahead. He thinks about lunch time. He thinks about walking...when it is time to walk. I, on the other hand, am the planner. I am always thinking ahead, planning grocery lists, checking weather forecasts and planning for our needs. We are a good team.

Now that we have all been home more together for a few months, have you been reminded of your strengths and weaknesses as well as those closest to you? What are they? How do you work best? How do each of them work best?

We are all in this together, and we all should do our part around our homes to keep them moving forward as smoothly as possible. Once you have recognized the strengths and weaknesses of those around you, how can you help them to succeed better?

  • If someone is an organizer, what project can you give them to organize?

  • If someone is a morning person, how can you structure their day to utilize their early morning energy?

  • If someone is a “get it done” type of a person, what job can you give them that they can “whip out” and feel as though they accomplished something?

  • For those who work slow and steady, what long term project can you start them on to care for and maintain over a long period of time?

We all have amazing strengths, and when we use them together, our homes can be a much brighter place.

I encourage you to spend some time thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of those you are closest to. Write them down and think about how you can utilize everyone’s strengths to set everyone up for success.

You are doing an amazing job at home. Keep up the amazing work and live your absolute BEST at home!

My Daily Walk With Jesus: The strengths I have been given in life are a gift. I love to work slow and steady on projects, and God knows this. After all, He was the one who made me who I am. God has been blessing me with a number of slow and steady projects. Sometimes I want to rush them to completion, but He reminds me that slow and steady is my strength and to embrace it. Know today that your strengths are a gift and embrace them along with those you love.
Mar 05

Sometimes We Don’t Have To Hold It All Together

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself

Have you had to say goodbye to someone maybe due to death, moving or job change? Have you had to give something up that you really enjoyed, and not just for Lent? Have you had to come to grips with a dream that is not going to come to fruition, maybe not being able to conceive your own child? These things can range from disappointing to devastating, but they all bring sadness into our lives, and that’s okay.

Many times in life, we feel like we need to “hold it all together” and we feel sadness does not fit into that mold. We feel we are supposed to put a smile on our face and “buck up buttercup”. Sometimes we feel like we always need to be positive, we think that having a less than positive thought is wrong. 

There have been times in my life where I have simply been sad. Some have been because of the loss of a loved one, but other times it is because of the loss of being able to eat a favorite food because of health issues. In both cases, I tried to fight the sadness. I tried to see the positive in the situation, but what I found in the end was that fighting my sadness only made me both sad and exhausted.

When I finally allowed myself to recognize what was making me sad and allow myself to be sad about it, I actually allowed myself to heal.

If you are sad about something today, or tomorrow, or next week, spend some time to recognize what has made you sad. Work through your sadness in a way that is right for you and start the healing process. 

Live Life Together: If you find yourself falling deeply into sadness, find someone you can talk to. If you do not have anyone you feel like you can confide in, call a counselor or even a hotline specializing in the areas that brings you sadness. There is someone on the line that will be thrilled to talk to you. If you do have someone in your life, share your heart with them even if all you want to share is that you are sad right now. Life is not easy at times and having others to lean on is so important.

Sadness is an okay thing. It’s a part of life. Sometimes we don’t have to “hold it all together”.

Dec 19

Live A Life That Feels Right

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself

As December moves along, in what feels like a faster speed than ever, I naturally tend to reflect on the past year. Do you do that, too? I did not go into this year with any particular theme in mind, but as I reflect back on it, I realize that it was a year to getting more comfortable in my own skin. That seems crazy to say for a forty seven year old woman, but this year I got to know, understand and love myself more, and life is better because of it.

Being your best YOU is a very important part of what I write about because it goes hand and hand with living our best lives. This past year, I took the time to differentiate between who I really am and who I thought I was supposed to be. I thought I was supposed to do things like everyone else, and fit in. The more I discovered my passions, convictions, and uniqueness, and put into action the things that were true to me, the more “right” my life felt. I want the same for you.

Continuing to better know, understand and love ourselves helps us make life decisions that are true to who we really are. Let’s look at just a few:

Let’s ask ourselves “What do I value most?” or “What is most important to me?” When we are confident in what we value, other things seem less important. The more time we spend on what is most important to us, the more life feels right. We are also more confident in saying “no” to the things that aren’t as important. Our lives can become very busy, and knowing what you value and want to say “yes” to will help you be your best YOU.

It’s also important to ask yourself “What do I need to be my best?” For me, and those struggling with health issues, those needs can be pretty simple like good sleep, healthy food, movement and sunshine during these short winter days. The more we understand our personal needs, from our basic health needs to social needs, work needs, relationship needs, and even financial needs, the more we can tailor our lives to meet those needs. When you take care of the needs that are personal to you, it will give you fuel to live your best and be your best.

Lastly, we have an amazing future ahead of us, so let’s ask ourselves “what do I want in my future?” “What do I dream of?” Dreaming about our future gives us something to look forward to. It also gives us something, personal to each of us, to work towards. I dream of future vacations, a future small house with an amazing view, and activities that will keep me young at heart. Dreaming about what is most important to you will move you in the  direction that is best for you for years to come.

What have you learned about yourself this past year? What do you value most? What do you need in your life to live it well? What are you dreaming of for your future? Have you been doing things that are not true to you in order to fit in? Knowing and understanding these things will help you be your best YOU and live the life that will feel just right for you.

Living Life Together: Do you have someone in your life who values the same things you do? Someone who is working to better themselves in the same way you are? These are great people to partner with as you move forward in your dreams for the new year and beyond. Spending time with these individuals in my life encourages me, allow me to laugh and keeps me motivated. As we approach the coming year, who can you partner with to keep yourself fueled up as you work towards living your best and being the best YOU you can be?

Here’s to closing out an amazing year and opening another chapter as the next year starts!

Dec 12

I Enjoy People When…

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself , Living Life Together

There is not much I love to do more that grab a coffee or a meal with a friend. I love chatting, catching up on what is going on in life and having some great laughs. I love being encouraged by those I sit across from and giving encouragement when it is needed. I love sharing ideas and hearing interesting and new things. Sitting across the table from amazing people brings life to my life. 

I believe other people bring life to each of our lives. I believe we are so much better together than we are apart. I also believe that it is important for each of us to recognize the way we are most comfortable interacting with others so that we can add more of that into our lives.

I am also a shy person. I am not nearly as comfortable in a larger group than I am in a small group. There are times where I have to step out of my comfort zone and jump into a large group to meet new people and many times I walk out with a new cherished acquaintance.  Because spending time in large groups does not come naturally to me, and I am drained by the time it is over.

Knowing what energizes us and what drains us when it comes to time with other people is important. We each have so much to contribute to others and to gain from hearing the thoughts and perspectives of others. Adding time with amazing people into your life, if done in the right way for you, will bring more life to your life.

December is a great time to learn about how you best interact with others because we get a lot of opportunities to spend time with family, friends and co-workers over the holidays. Pay attention to the times you feel energized when you have been around other people. What was it about that interaction that energized you? Also, pay attention to the times when you dread going, before you even step out the door. Times you feel drained. These experiences will start to reveal to you what your preferred way of interacting with others is. 

As you start to learn more about yourself and how other people bring life to your life, what do you think about being more intentional about adding more of that great stuff into your life?

Living life together is so much better than going at it alone. 

Here’s to learning more about yourself, being the best YOU you can be, and sharing that amazing YOU with others.

Aug 15

How To Live The Life You Desire, At The Pace That Is Right For You

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself

Do you feel, at times, like life is conspiring against you, trying to make you busier and busier, trying to make you rush to fit more in? I think you are right, but that does not mean that it “is right”. If we believe that it is normal for life to get busier and busier, I have to ask the questions “when is enough, enough?” and “what is our limit?”

You are being sent messages almost every minute of every day on the radio, social media, advertisements embedded in articles, television and even blogs written by people like me. If someone is trying to sell something, they don’t want you to wait, they want to convince you that you need it NOW. You may not even realize it, but these tactics are built into scripts of tv shows. They truly are everywhere and when acted upon, they impact our time and our finances.

The challenge with needing everything NOW or doing everything NOW is it can add unneeded busyness and stress to our lives. If we feel like we NEED to have our child experience everything possible before they finish elementary school, that may cause your entire household to be on the run the entire time. Please know, I am not against experiencing great things and trying different activities to see what we enjoy and what we don’t. What I want all of us, including myself, to keep in the forefront of our mind is that we are being told CONSTANTLY that we need to do everything NOW, and we really don’t. 

What we do want to do is be in control of our lives and set the pace that is perfect for us and those we love.

Take control! The first step for me in taking control is to become aware of all of the outside influences that are trying to control me and my choices. Did you know that every item in a grocery store is strategically places to increase your purchases? The obvious ones are the candy bars that are perfectly placed when you are standing in line, hungry after work. There are also vacation destinations that cleverly make parents feel like they are letting their children down if they do not prioritize a vacation to their location. We may sometimes feel like we need to do something to keep up with those around us too. I am getting ready to buy a “new” used car, and there is no doubt that part of my decision was based on how I would look to others. We want to fit in, but at what cost? 

Once you are aware of the outside influences, let’s do everything we can to do what is right for us and our loved ones.

Know your personal speed limit. I believe we have a speed limit that is personal to each of us. It has been developed from our core personality as well as our upbringing and experiences throughout the years. I think one great way to get in tune with your personal speed limit is to look at yourself when you are under the least amount of pressure, on vacation. What speed feel best for you when you are on vacation? Now, realize that sometimes we fall into “I have to fit it all in” mode when we are on vacation too, but when you have your best day, what is the pace that feels best for you?  I have figured out that my personal speed limit is slow and steady. I have been around other amazing women that move comfortably a little bit faster. When you work at a pace the “feels good” pay attention to that pace because it is more than likely your personal speed limit.

Once you know your personal speed limit, do all you can to live your life at that speed, regardless of what others are communicating to you. (Also note: your loved ones may have a different speed limit. We want to respect theirs as well)

Living busier and busier lives is going to end in stress and burnout. Let’s do all that is within our control to live our very best life!

Here’s to doing what is right for you and those you love!

Apr 11

Be True To Yourself

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself , Uncategorized

It is my hope for all of us, this week, to live our lives true to who we are, so that we can be our best for those around us.What does that look like for you?

We live in this world together with a bunch of amazing people, all of which are amazingly unique. We all bring different gifts, traits and experiences that make us who we are. They make us pretty great. It is especially wonderful when we tap into our uniquenesses and allow them to fuel us to be the best we can be for others in our world. We become better neighbors, friends, moms, daughters, co-workers and leaders. Let’s take some time this week to reconnect with what makes us great, them turn around and share that greatness!

There are a number of strengths assessments that are available that bring wonderful insights into who we are. I remember when I took my first assessment called Leading From Your Strengths by Ministry Insights, I was a little freaked out. How could I answer a bunch of multiple choice questions and have a report generated that explained me better than I could explain myself? These reports never claim to be 100%, but mine was right on. My husband had taken the assessment as well, and we started to understand more about each other, and why we each act the way we acted. It was eye opening. Since then I have taken other personality and strengths assessments that have brought even more insight. The biggest thing I take away each time is that I have some pretty cool strengths, and so does everyone else around me. I have learned to appreciate myself, and just as importantly, I have learned to value to strengths of others. I will leave a list of some different assessments at the end of this post. If there is a book that accompanies the assessment, I highly recommend reading it. It will help distill all of the information in the assessment.

Long story short, when we work within our areas of strengths, we tend to feel more energized. When we have to work in an area that we are not strong, it will require a lot more energy and we will become drained faster. Sometimes we do not have a choice, but we also have a lot of control over how our days transpire. Here are a few things to get you started:

  • Are you a morning person, or a night person? When you start to embrace the time of day that you are the most awake, you can focus that positive attention to something that is important to you. I have found that mornings are a great time for me to do some heavy learning and thinking. Right after lunch is the best time for me to write my blog post, work on writing my book or other creative work. Afternoon is a great time for me to move around and get odds and ends done. At 9:00 pm every night I am in bed, much to the dismay of my night-owl husband. He on the other hand can be the most creative late at night. Recognizing the best time for you to focus and the best time for you to sleep will give you energy to be the best for those around you.
  • Are you fast paced, or do you prefer a slower pace? If you love a fast pace, it will drive you crazy to be stuck behind someone who is moving really slow. You love and feel energized by moving and going. If you enjoy a slower pace, you might enjoy taking your time getting ready in the mornings. You feel the energy being drained from you when you are forced to rush. If you are like me, I always forget something when I am rushed. When I am able to work at the pace that is right for me it just feels…right.
  • Are you energized by being around people, or do you need time to yourself to get refreshed? I have been quiet my entire life. I have never been the life of the party. I thought for many years that I was not as good as others who were more outgoing. I have now learned that I have amazing strengths in my quiet life, and one is that I get refueled in solitude. Whichever fuels you…fuel up!
  • Are you an idea generator, or an idea implementor? It is true, some people are great with coming up with amazing, creative ideas. There are others that are at their best making those great ideas a reality. This was the case for one of my favorite jobs. My boss came up with some really great ideas. Sometimes he had so many great ideas we actually started an “idea board” so he could tell me which ones were the highest priority. I was than great at all of the detailed work to make them happen. It was truly one of my favorite jobs because we were both able to appreciate and work within our own strengths.

Make It Happen Action Step: I hope this week, you can recognize a unique strength that makes you who you are…AMAZING!

  • Pay attention to the things that energize you and figure out why they do.
  • Pay attention to the things that drain you and ask yourself why.
  • If you have taken a personality assessment, pull it out and remind yourself of your great strengths and what you have to offer to our world.
  • Grab a book or take a new assessment to learn more about yourself. It is a great investment in YOU and the world around you.

I tell you every week, YOU ARE AMAZING, because you are! You bring so much to our world and the people around you.

Here’s to being true to who you are!

Some Assessments I Have Taken

  • DISC Assessment
  • Myers Briggs Assessment
  • Think, Learn, Succeed by Dr. Caroline Leaf – Book and assessment on the unique way you use your mind and process information. Her website also has great videos to explain the assessment.

Other Assessments That Have Been Recommended To Me

  • Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath –  Book and Assessment

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Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Jan 03

Gain Energy & Focus…At The Right Speed

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself

I don’t think there is one of us that would say “no” to more energy and focus, especially coming off of the Holiday Season. Energy and focus can feel in short supply as we rush through life from one commitment to the other. How is it possible to gain more?

A few years back, I started to realize something about myself. When I got up in the morning, took my time getting ready and did not feel rushed, my day went a lot smoother. I would remember to bring the lunch I had packed the night before, I would remember to stop by the dry cleaner to drop off our clothes, and I arrived at work focused and ready to work. Then I had multiple days where the opposite was the case. For some reason or the other, someone, or something, rushed me out the door. In the process I immediately felt stressed, drove right past all of the errands I was supposed to run and felt the life draining out of me before the day even got started. I like life to be slow!

Some of you may resonate with my desire for a slow life, but many of you love a much faster pace and are ready for me to get on with this post so you can jump to your next project. “You are taking way too long, Jen!” You know who you are! Hee, Hee! Then there are many of you somewhere in between.

Do you know that each of us has a Personal Speed Limit? We do, and you know what happens when we live our life within our speed limit? We feel ALIVE! We feel energized! We feel more focused! How then do we figure out and live in our Personal Speed Limit?

  1. Start to pay attention. Recognize the days you feel drained and ask yourself why. Enjoy the days that you feel great, but don’t let them end before reflecting back on why it was so great.
  2. Start to document your findings. In our busy lives, if we don’t capture our thoughts, they will be gone like the wind. I love to journal, but use whatever means you desire. Documenting your experiences in this area will help you to see patterns that will point you towards your Personal Speed Limit.
  3. Start to experiment. One day my husband and I were driving out to lunch and he commented that “life’s one big experiment!” It is so very true. As you start to discover different things about your Personal Speed Limit, try to add more of those into your day. The opposite is true too, try to stop working at a speed that is not right for you. See how things change.
  4. Consider Others Personal Speed Limits. I think it is a great thing to serve others. One way to do that is to recognize other’s Personal Speed Limit and step into their “zone” for a while. Another option when bringing multiple Speed Limits together, is to give everyone the freedom to go at their own pace. This plays out well in my friends group bike rides. Everyone goes at their own pace, and meets up at the end to celebrate together.
  5. Live as much within your Personal Speed Limit so that you can feel energized, not drained. Feel Focused not forgetful. Feel fully alive so that you can live your best life!

Here’s to focusing on what is most important to us with a ton of energy, focus and life!

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

Apr 26

UGHHH! It’s Been One Of Those Days!

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself , Can Do Attitiude , Overcoming Obstacles , Perseverance

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you failed those around you? Your boss is not happy with your report, your loved ones are displeased with your selection for dinner, your friend or family members are disappointed that you could not make it to their get-together. It’s a day where you feel like you have let everyone down.

I don’t wish these kind of days on anyone. They drag us down to the point where it is hard to pick ourselves back up. Here are a few things I want you to remember on days like these.

Remember, you are very talented! You have many talents that you have worked hard through the years to grow and foster. Remember, you are a very talented and capable person.

Remember, you have wonderful strengths! You have many strengths that are unique to you. Your strengths make the world a better place every single day.

Remember, Making mistakes are a part of the process of becoming even more amazing! As hard as it is  to make mistakes, it is through that process that we become, better, stronger, smarter. Any mistakes you have made today, are stepping-stones to a better you!

Remember, you have done a lot of things very well! It is on these hard days that we focus in on all of the things that have not gone right. I am here to tell you, you have done many things very well! Take a minute or two to remember and acknowledge those great things.

Hang in there if you are having a rough day. Remember, you are amazing! You are beautiful! You are the perfect you! Celebrate those things today!

Nov 23

I’m Thankful For You!

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself , Can Do Attitiude , Serving Others

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one day set aside each year to focus on being thankful. It is hard, at times, in the midst of our busy lives to remember to stop, count our blessings and express our thankfulness. As Thanksgiving approached, one thing that has come to my mind time and time again, is how thankful I am for you. Yes, I am thrilled and thankful that you read my blogs, but I am mostly thankful for the amazing individual you are and all that you bring to the world we live in.

I am thankful for the wonderful strengths you share with all of us! Each of us have amazing strength that contributes to those around us. Many have the eye for details. These are the individuals that love crunching numbers and working on spreadsheets. Many have the gift of hospitality. You walk into their home and you instantly feel welcomed. Some people have the gift of keeping things moving forward…fast, and others have the strength of being slow and steady. The amazing thing is that we all possess amazing strengths that our world cannot do without. We all come together with these strengths to make a pretty amazing place to live, work and play! Thank you for living out your strengths to make our world a better place!

I am thankful for your “Can Do” attitude! Keeping a “Can Do” attitude is hard at times, but at the end of the day, we cannot settle for less than the best. We know in our hearts that life is good, therefore, we keep pushing forward towards amazing things knowing that we can always do better! Sometimes it takes time to figure out how to make it happen, but we keep striving for our best.Thank you for your great attitude!

I am thankful for your serving heart! Everyday you take care of others. It may be co-workers, your kiddos, significant other, parents, or even a complete stranger. Your heart to take care of others makes a difference and makes the world a better place every moment of every day. Your serving heart makes a difference! Thank you for your amazing heart!

Thank you for sharing your life with me! Thank you for sharing your life with our world! You make it a better place every single day!

I am thankful for you!

Oct 19

As Good As One, Two, Three!

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself , Prioritizing Yourself

Be kind to yourself. Be true to yourself. Chart a course for yourself.

These three things are so important!

First, be kind to yourself! You and I can be our own worst critic. We know when we have fallen short. We do not need anyone else to beat us up about a mistake, because we are usually well on top of kicking ourselves when we are down. I am learning though, and I hope, you are learning along with me, that we are never going to be perfect. In order to live the best life that we can, we need to learn to be kind to ourselves. Just like learning any new things, we have to start, keep trying and over time and with practice, we will get better and better at being kind to ourselves. We all extend kindness to others each day, let’s keep a portion of that kindness for ourselves, too. Let’s also remember to treat ourselves every once in a while. It could be grabbing a yummy coffee, scheduling a spa day, or maybe spending some time with a friend. Whatever makes you happy, let’s make sure we get those things added into our schedule.  

Second, be true to yourself. This is one that I have been working through quite a bit lately. It is human nature to try to impress our desires onto someone else. Our desires are so much a part of who we are, it seems natural that others should feel the same way. For example, I have the desire to look at everything with rose-colored glasses. Because this is so important to me, I shared with my husband, John, that he should look at life the exact same way. He was kind and listened to me, but a few days later he explained that he does not see things the same way. It was a good reminder for me to allow John to be true to who he is, and it also reminded me to continue to be true to who I am. The same goes for our dreams for the future. It’s important for each of us to have our own dreams for the future. It is true, when we have a significant other in our lives, that we share our dreams with each other, but I am coming to see that John and I need to have our own individual dreams too. I have dreams of getting on my bike for multiple day trips to see the countryside. John has a dream of having an RV and seeing our country that way. I think we can make those dream mesh together, they are simply going to look a little different for each of us. It can be easy at times to just go along with someone else’s dreams, but I encourage you to have dreams of your own, and be true to them.

Third, chart a course for yourself. You have probably figured out by now that I am a planner. Chances are, if you have continued to read my blog for this long, you are too. The only way to get where we want to go is to decide where we want to go, figure out how we should start moving forward, and start take steps towards our goal. There are times that numbers need to be crunched to make sure we reach a goal. There are times where we have to learn new things to move forward, but regardless of what it is, I believe we need to chart a course for ourselves. John and I were out on a walk this morning talking about our future, and we both acknowledged that there are so many variables that make planning for our future a challenge. We have an end goal in mind, we know the things we already have in place, the things we need to work on, and we keep moving forward. But I also need to set my own individual course as well. Sure, John and I have shared goals, but I need to make sure that I am setting the right course for myself too. I want John to do the same for himself as well. Having a goal and moving forward on a plan gives us something great to work towards and hope for the a great future.

I don’t think you can go wrong if you are kind to yourself, true to yourself and chart a course for yourself. Enjoy your week ahead and live your BEST every single day!