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Jul 23

Live With Ease At Home – Start Here

By Jen Regan | Overcoming Obstacles

For many different reasons, we find ourselves and our loved ones spending more time at home these days. Each day can be filled with frustration, tension, impatience or they can be filled with ease. Do you feel like “ease’ is possible in your life, your day and your home? I have found it to be possible and here is one great place to start.

Late last year I went to hear Sandra McCollom speak with my friend, Pam. Sandra has A LOT of energy! She had to calm herself down as she was bouncing around the stage. She shared with us that she has a “go, go, go” personality as well as having the desire for everything to always be perfect. These can be great qualities, but they brought some turmoil to her life because she was never settled, never happy, never content. She shared how one day she was sitting on her back deck looking up into the sky when she noticed a hawk soaring around, with complete ease. I could immediately see the image in my mind’s eye. She explained how she desired living that kind of ease, so she set her mind and heart to living that way. Since that night, I have not been able to get that image out of my mind, and it has been instrumental in helping me bring ease into my daily life and my home.

What about you? Does the idea of living your life, soaring with ease, appeal to you? You may think that there is no possible way to bring ease into your hectic life and high energy family. Well, let me tell you, if high energy Sandra can do it, I believe anyone can. Let’s start with one small baby step today and that is to work on our mindset.

The definition of mindset from Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: a mental attitude or inclination. With any attitude, it can be changed if we set our minds to it. 

Do you feel as though you can start to change your daily thoughts to one of ease? It might be a matter of taking a few deep breaths and thinking about that hawk gliding around with no effort. 

Are you willing to think about the times in your day that are hectic and maybe frustrating, and ask yourself how you can bring more ease into those situations?

Are you allowing the individuals in your life to raise your blood pressure? How can you change your mindset to stay calm when you are with them?

Are you a perfectionist and allow that tendency to get you riled up? How can you work on your mindset to calm your perfectionist spirit?

Is it hard for you to be happy for others who live with freedoms you don’t have? Does comparison bring you down? How can you focus on what you have and rest with ease?

Regardless of where you find unrest in your day, in your life and in your home, there are baby steps you can take to move towards a life of ease. What is that baby step for you today? 

You can all live a life of ease at home right now. Keep moving forward and make the most of each day.  Focus your eyes on the Hawk soaring around in the blue sky overhead.

I would love to hear about your baby step ideas in the comment section, and others would love to hear as well. My area of struggle is waiting. I still struggle with the frustration that waiting causes me. I try to focus on what I already have at home and not focus on what I want and what I am still waiting for. This mindset brings ease into my life, little by little.

My Daily Walk With Jesus: I have no doubt that God is the one who wants me to live with ease. Even when He is teaching me something new, it is done with ease. When He is working to change a wrong attitude in me, He does it with ease. I have found that God is rarely in a hurry in my life, and my frustration comes when I want something before He is ready for me to have it. He really wants all of us to live with more ease so that we can hear His voice clearer. He has so much to say to us if we take time to listen.

FYI - Sandra McCollom wrote a book called I Tried Until I Almost Died  - From Anxiety And Frustration To Rest And Relaxation. I have not read it yet, but it sounds pretty good. She is a Christian Author, so be aware of that before diving in.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

Jun 11

A Little Bit Better Each Day

By Jen Regan | Baby Steps , Can Do Attitiude , Overcoming Obstacles

What are you struggling with today? Many of you are in the high risk category for Covid-19. You are struggling with staying home even though you know it is the right thing. Many of you are now transitioning back to work outside of your home and figuring out how to provide for your family's needs. Each of us are extremely resilient. No matter what we face today, we can work to make it better each day as we move forward.

Over a year ago, I had a really bad episode of back pain, which I found out later, was caused by a reaction to food. Now, fourteen months later, I am still trying to climb out of the downward spiral the reaction had on my whole body. This week I am trying to focus on getting a little bit stronger and a little bit better each day. I want to be back, good as new, but I have to take one step at a day at a time.

Whatever you are struggling with today, would it help for you to work towards getting a little bit better at it each day, instead of focusing on the final result you desire? It is super hard, I know, but it is the right way forward. Each day that we get a little bit better will eventually add up, and we will make good progress. We tend to look at the final result we desire and expect that result immediately. But that is not how things work a lot of the time. Good, important things take time and many days of getting better and better to get there.

What are you struggling with today? (Write it down)

How can you approach this challenge to focus on getting a little bit better each day? (Write this down too)

What are the next steps you can take to make it better? (And this too!)

We each step up to challenge after challenge in life. As we do this, let’s also remember to give ourselves some grace and rest in the midst of it all. All of our challenges take energy. Let’s also lean on each other for love and support. Let’s make sure our tanks are not only full, but that we have some energy in reserve as well. 

Remember, our Simple Life is to be intentional about setting aside time and space and establishing boundaries in order to put our family first at home.

You are amazing and you step up to each challenge in life. Keep moving forward in your beautifully simple day.

My Daily Walk With Jesus: I’m being a spoiled brat this week. I want many things right now and I am not getting them right now. In fact, I don’t know if it will be days, months or years before some of my hopes and dreams come to life. I do not understand God’s timing, but I do know it is perfect. I just struggle with accepting that day in and day out. He wants me to focus on each day and getting a little bit stronger and better each day. It is hard, because I want more, now.

Feb 27

Could You Use A Dose Of This?

By Jen Regan | Overcoming Obstacles

It is February, and I am from St. Louis, Missouri. February is a time when I and my fellow St. Louisians get tired of winter. The days tend to be gray and the temperatures tease us with a few warmer days followed again with cold, gray and even some more snow. On top of that, the cold and flu season kicks in with a vengeance, kicking us when we are down. Boy, this blog post is uplifting so far this week, isn’t it?

On top of the above mentioned gloom, I had my allergist place eight patches on my back yesterday to check my sensitivity to things like metals, detergents and dyes. When they were done placing the patches, they covered my back with tape that nether breaths nor flexes. If I start to have a reaction, my skin will start to itch under that wonderful tape collage, with no hope of relieving the itch. Thank you God that that has not happened yet! One more thing, I started to come down with a cold last night.

I brought you through this long lament because there are many of you that are going through challenging times as well. I know of others dealing with health issues, job changes, and many with difficult work and personal challenges. We can all use a boost this time of year!

When I am not feeling my best, I ask myself “What can I do to feel better?” Essentially, what is within my control to change? 

I have to let my cold run its course and my patch test is very important to continue to try to find answers for some medical issues, but there is always something I can do to feel better.

One thing I am lacking in my life right now is FUN. The nice thing about FUN is that there are so many different ways to have it. FUN is personal to each of us, and yes, we might not be able to get out and have fun in our garden yet, but we can have some fun planning it out. I enjoy reading, so I have just gotten a few books that I am excited to jump into. I love the picture of the women in this post. Let’s pull out some of our favorite tunes and allow them to lift us up! 

How about you? What can you do this time of year to add some FUN to your day? Write some ideas down right now and make them happen. You will bring sunshine into your very own day!

Living Life Together: Spending time with a dear friend is a great way to have fun. I don’t know about you, but I laugh more when I am with good friends and that laughter is good medicine. I already have a friend in mind that I am going to contact when I finish this blog post. If you do not have someone, who is someone in your neighborhood, work or church who you can invite out for breakfast on the weekend or coffee? Life is so much better spent together!

Here’s to pushing through these last few gray days before spring arrives by taking control and adding some FUN into our lives!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Feb 13

If Somethings Not Working…

By Jen Regan | Overcoming Obstacles

Have you ever been in a place in life when you have tried to do something to move forward and you find that it is not working? The obvious next step to take is to try something different, but it is not always that clear and easy is it?

Next week I have three doctor appointments in three days. Last year I decided to seek the advice of  a medical professional to get some direction regarding some annoying symptoms I was having. Overall, I see food as medicine and always try to adjust my diet first to see if I can remedy things without medication. I did exactly that and found some improvement, but things slowly started to turn south and my symptoms worsened, even on the strictest of diets. I am finding that some things in my work life are not working. I also realized last week that things that motivated me to workout in the past were no longer motivating me. What has worked in the past is clearly not working now. It’s time to try something different.

Change is hard, and I do not like to change just for the sake of changing, BUT, when I can see a benefit to change, I am all in!

How are you feeling today? Are there any areas in your life that are not working real well for you anymore? Is it time to change things up? If so, let’s take these small baby steps together.

  • Define what areas have gone stale and need a fresh approach.

  • Think about, and maybe write down what is not working anymore and why.

  • Now that you have identified what is not working, think about a new approach, a new way of getting the result you are looking for. Write your ideas down. I always find that to be helpful.

  • Decide on the first few steps you need to take to move in the new direction.

  • Start moving!

This can feel scary because we do not want to fail, but one of the things I am trying to learn in life is that not succeeding at something does not mean I have failed. If I do something that does not work, and I learn something that continues to point me in the right direction, it is not a failure at all.

I do not know what my three doctors are going to tell me. All I know is that:

  1. I don’t want to stay where I am because what I am doing is not working.

  2. Every step I take to move forward will provide more insight to help me take yet another baby step forward.

  3. I love moving forward and not feeling stuck!

Live Life Together: If you feel stuck in an area of life, talk to a close trusted friend. Sometimes talking it through will help and sometimes they may have just the encouragement you need to start heading in a new direction. Share any new direction with them so they can cheer you on along the way.

Here’s to changing things up and finding new ways of continuing to move forward!

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Jan 16

I Expected…

By Jen Regan | Overcoming Obstacles

Have you ever expected things to turn out differently than they did? I don’t know about you, but this happens to me on a daily basis. I always expect things to go a certain way, and when they don’t I get FRUSTRATED. Expectations of ourselves and others is a tricky thing to navigate.

This week I am working on a project for work. This project involved a learning curve because I am using software that is new to me. I worked on it for two days last week and felt like I had a pretty good feel for what the software did. So I felt that I was ready to jump in with both feet this week. Well, I jumped in and landed flat on my face. Day number three became part of the learning curve. I took a deep breath and felt good about moving forward on day number four. This morning I got up, told myself it was a new day and I was going to make things happen. Nope. In fact, the progress that I thought I had made was not done correctly, so I am back to square one. I WAS FRUSTRATED! 

I walked away to calm down and reflect. After a few minutes, I realized that I had created unrealistic expectations of myself. I expected to learn and master software in four short days, that other people have worked their entire career to master. 

When we find ourselves frustrated, how many times can we point back to unrealistic expectations of ourselves or of others?

  • Have you ever expected to hit the gym and start back where you left off six months ago, but soon find yourself frustrated with how tired, weak and sore you are? 

  • Have you ever done something nice and expected others to take notice and appreciate you, but they didn’t? You find yourself extremely frustrated with them?

  • Have you ever worked to lose weight and expected the scale to read differently than it did. You want to throw in the towel because it is really hard.

I don’t think we can live life without creating expectations. I think our mind automatically goes there. The question I want us to ask ourselves when we are frustrated from an unmet expectation is “What can I learn from this?” 

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Did I expect too much?

  • Did I expect things to be easier than they were? 

  • Did I expect things to happen faster?

There is a lot we can learn about unfulfilled expectations. I have learned that even though computer software markets itself as “easy”, it may take me some time to learn it and be able to use it effectively. Now to remember that for next time!

Isn’t that an important key too? Let’s take what we learn and use it the next time. 

  • Remember the next time you start back at the gym that it is going to take some time to get back into the shape you desire. Be proud that you are back at it and working to improve your health, no matter what it takes.

  • Remember that certain people in our lives are not known to show appreciation, and not expect it the next time we do something for them. Be proud of the fact that you did what was right.

  • Remember how your body works when it comes to weight loss. Be kind to yourself and go at a pace that is best for you. Be proud of yourself for tackling something very challenging.

Here’s to living a life with less frustration. Let’s do all we can to eliminate it by keeping our expectations in check.

Living Life Together: Sometimes we need a dear friend to remind of some of these things. Let’s lovingly do that for those we care about. Sometimes it can be a simple reminder of our past frustrations to help remind us to do things differently this time.

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Dec 05

I Don’t Want To Fail

By Jen Regan | Living Life Together , Overcoming Obstacles

The past few months I have written about the positive qualities of our world that unfortunately, have created some consequences that were not originally intended. We’ve talked about the speed of our world and how sometimes we see going slow as a bad thing. We have looked at the amazing conveniences we have, but we can easily get frustrated when things are hard and don’t come easy. We have looked at our entertainment world and how we are not even sure how to be bored anymore, or if that is a good thing. This last quality of our world  with unintended consequences is the hardest one for me, which is why I pushed it off until last. I am not even sure where to start.

Dr. Tim Elmore, is the founder & President of an organization called Growing Leaders. I just recently heard him speak at a conference I attended. He is the one who brought the aforementioned topics to my attention and they have really challenged me. The last topic he shared was that our world focuses on nurturing as a priority with safety always first on our mind. My reaction to this was “right on!” We have to always watch out for our safety and the safety of those we love. Here is the wrench Dr. Elmore through in my thought process. He shared that when we are focused on nurturing and safety we, and our kids, start to see risk as bad. 

Quite a few years back now, John and I met with our financial planner. One of the first things he did in the process of getting to know us, was to learn what our risk tolerance was with regards to our finances. John and I do not like high risk, we like safety. I know in my mind that some risk in life is needed, but in my core, I want safety. How about you?

The challenge is that a lot of great things in our world happen outside of our comfort zone. When we step outside of our comfort zone, we learn some very important things in life. Neale Donald Walsch has a quote that says “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 

The question this stirs up in me is, am I willing to fail? Ouch! Now please know, I am not suggesting you put yourself in any unsafe or harmful situation. What I am challenging myself with, and you in turn is, if we are too afraid to fail, we will always stay in our safe place. I don’t know about you, but I want life to be more of an adventure than that. 

I think that is a good place to stop and chew for awhile, I know I am going to. I know we all have many things on our plate over the next month into the next year, but ask yourself if you need to work on the fear of failing in 2020. It might have to be one of my focuses.

Let’s Life Live Together:  I cannot work on overcoming my fear of failing by myself, and you probably can’t either. I am going to share this with the people who are in my inner circle so that they can not only challenge me, but be there for me when I am afraid. We all need encouragement and our inner circle is where we should find it. Who is in your inner circle? Lean on each other like never before to move forward in the areas that are most important to you in life.

Here’s to seeing risk as a way towards progress, and to enjoy the progress with those closest to us.

Photo by Guduru Ajay bhargav from Pexels
Aug 22

How To Adjust, When Your Body Tells You A Change Must Be Made

By Jen Regan | Baby Steps , Overcoming Obstacles , Prioritizing Yourself

Has your body been telling you to slow down, get moving, or it’s time to make some other needed changes? We can cruise along in life for quite some time feeling good, bet inevitably an adjustment needs to be made. Life might be dishing out a little extra stress. You may have received a medical diagnosis, or your work has had you sitting a lot and your body is craving some movements. Is your body asking you to make some adjustments today?

I have tornado dreams. I live in the midwest, and even though I don’t have an extreme fear of tornadoes, I certainly have a fearful respect for them. I have found when life starts to get a little bit too stressful, my body communicates that I need to make some adjustments, My body does that through tornado dreams. There have been many times when I have felt like I was holding life together just fine, but my body was telling me differently. There have been times when I have been surprised to have a tornado dream, but once I sit back and think about it, I can usually see that something has been causing me stress. 

If your body (or doctor) is asking you to make some adjustments today, chances are it is a little bit stressful. We all live very busy lives and adjustments take extra time and energy we do not have. How do we move forward to a place of feeling better?

  • Take a deep breath, take a moment to yourself and even allow yourself to cry. It is important to love yourself and take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your body may need a release when stress hits and I have found the above to be helpful.

  • Gather information. This may be as simple as recognizing stress and asking yourself what you need to do to make adjustments. This could also be learning about the medical condition you have been diagnosed with. Maybe meeting with a nutritionist to help guide you. Taking a little bit of time to learn and see what others have done to succeed is a great start. Take small chunks of time if you need to. Try not to let your lack of time keep you from this step. Something might have to give for this week to allow you to focus on you. 

  • Break it down into small action steps. Once you have started to gather your information, it’s time for action. Decide what actions step you need to take first, and maybe a few more steps after that. Write them down, or put them on your calendar. Keeping them inside your mind, which already has a lot to keep track of, might not work the best. Once you start moving forward, it is a great idea to keep a journal right from the start. Document what is working and what is not. Over time it is hard to remember all of the details and it can be helpful to look back, sometimes just to see how far you have come.

  • Move forward slowly and steadily. Remember, sprinting off the starting line feels great, but we can also fizzle out quickly. Slow and steady is a great philosophy and has shown to work in situations that require effort over time. 

  • Shift your mindset to self care. It is your heart to serve and take care of others, but many times this means we get the leftovers if there are any. Start to think about self care and its importance. When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others with more energy and vitality. Try to shift your mind to love yourself and love taking care of yourself. 

  • Celebrate each small accomplishments. One of the things that stinks about taking care of yourself is that you do not get many accolades for doing it. Like it or not, we all like to be told we are doing well. Learn to build celebration into your life for yourself. 

You are an amazing woman, but life does throw you some curveballs at times. Adjustments need to be made and your body needs to be taken care of. Keep moving forward one small step at a time and before you know it, you will be well on your way to feeling better.

Here’s to moving forward the best we can, even when adjustments need to be made!

Jul 13

It’s Kept Me On Course Through The Twists And Turns Of Life

By Jen Regan | Accomplishing Goals , Baby Steps , Overcoming Obstacles , Perseverance , Planning , What's Most Important

In the spring of 2011 I decided to change the direction of my career. Since then, life has been anything but a straight line or an easy path. I have had health issues, the decline and passing of my Dad, business starts and stops and a lot of physical pain. Through everything, there has been one thing that has kept me focused on my career goal and prevented me from getting off course. Here’s my story.

It all started when I picked up a book about Life Coaching. I had never heard of such a thing, but it was more common on the East and West Coast. I knew immediately it was what I wanted to do. I love encouraging others to move forward towards whatever life they want to live or goals they want to accomplish. I researched different certifications and quickly had a phone call set up with an organization out of Oregon. I took my first step which was to be coached myself. I could not give what I had not experienced for myself. I loved it and as part of the Life Coaching process, I created a Life Plan. 

My Life Plan forced me to think about the future in detail, which was not something I was used to doing. I had to decide what was most important to me and what I wanted my life to look like many years in the future. This process was very eye opening to me because the current reality of my life was that I was very unhealthy in a lot of ways. If I continued on the road that I was on, my future did not look very rosey. Basically, if I didn’t want that to be my future reality, A LOT WAS GOING TO HAVE TO CHANGE!.

I had back issues, I ate horribly, I did not exercise like I should and my stress management was not that great. At my current rate, I was not going to make it to live a long life, and if I did, I would not be active and vibrant. There was so much I had to change that I quickly felt OVERWHELMED! And I wanted to change careers on top of this?

My Life Coach, Joy, introduced me to the idea of Baby Steps. She taught me that there was ALWAYS something I could do to move forward, even if it was in the smallest of ways. That is what I did, but along with all of these changes, the twists and turns of life made things even more challenging.

Within the next year I changed jobs, lost my job, studied for and finished my Life Coaching Certification, had a major surgery (which appears to have triggered autoimmune issues in my body), started a business with my husband, John, and set out on my goal to become a Life Coach. Through the twists and turns, I kept my Life Plan in front of me and it kept me moving forward.

I spent the next few years coaching a handful of amazing women. It was great to be a part of the changes they experienced in their life. Overall though, most busy women were not interested in having a Life Coach. This made me sad for them and made me question whether this was a viable career. I did not meet a woman who did not love the concept and they all agreed that they could benefit from it, but I ran into two walls. 

The first obstacle was that they were already crazy busy, they simply did not have the time to add in Life Coaching Sessions or the time to make the changes they wanted in their lives. The second obstacle was one of finances. It is my heart to help what I call “us normal women”, but us normal chicks don’t have a lot of extra cash. It was also hard to spend money on something they felt they should be able to do on their own. I Completely understood.

The question for me was, what do I do next? I still had a heart to help women focus on what is most important in their lives and not get pulled off course with the busyness of life. I decided to take my obstacles head on. I decided to write a book because I figured everyone could afford a book. HeeHee, this makes me laugh! I have never been good at proper english, grammar or spelling. I had NO EXPERIENCE with writing anything much less a book. What was I thinking? 

Baby Steps were my answer. I had to take one Baby Step at a time to move forward. It suddenly became clear that this is how all of us, with busy lives and overwhelming tasks, need to move forward. Baby Steps was the answer to the second obstacle.

Let’s fast forward A FEW YEARS! Yes, A few years and more of life’s twists and turns. I was not making the money I needed to with Life Coaching and it was time for me to go back to work full time as a bookkeeper. My dreams and my book were put on hold for one full year. At my year mark, I decided I was going to get back to working on my book, but life’s twists and turns decided differently. Finally I started getting up crazy early every Sunday morning to take baby steps towards writing my book. It was still my heart’s passion to help very busy women live the best life they can, focused on the best things. 

In November of last year (2018) I talked to my husband about taking a year off of work to concentrate on my book and that is what I did, but the twists and turns of life continue. This year I have been diagnosed with another autoimmune condition. My body decided it did not like food so I had to go on an elimination diet. At one point I could eat 15 things total. To put that in perspective, if you go out to eat, had a hamburger with everything on it, french fries and an unsweet iced tea, that totals about 15 things. My body decided to have reactions to food, one that caused severe back pain for almost 3 months. 

Why am I sharing all of this? It is because through the past 8 years my Life Plan has kept me on track. Today, I am still moving toward the future that I defined 8 years ago. I am still focused on what I have defined as most important to me. I am still learning, growing and taking baby steps toward my goal every single day. I have a picture of my future that I want to make a reality. That picture is my Life Plan.

This is why I have created my Life Planning Class that I am now making an Online Course. 

  • I know one of the obstacles that you face is time. With this in mind, I am giving participants access for 4 months so that you can work through the 4 lessons at your own pace.

  • I also know that money is tight, but I felt $69.00 per participant was doable and a great investment in your future. 

It is my heart’s desire that you know what you want your future to look like and that you keep moving towards that future no matter what life throws your way!

Registration is only open for one week - So Mark Your Calendars!

(Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - Tuesday, July 30, 2019)

A Work At Your Own Pace Online Course: How To Achieve Your Ideal Life!

This online course will:

  • Provide direction and more focus in the areas of life that are most important to you.

  • Help you define what you want your future to look like, not allowing others to define it for you.

  • Create a plan that will get you from here to there, even when the twists and turns of life try to get you off course.

  • Establish Small Action Steps that will fit into your busy day and keep you moving in the right direction.

The Details:

  • This online course contains 4 time released Lessons, one published each Thursday, on the first four Thursday of August 2019. (1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd)

  • Each Lesson will contain a quick Video Lesson with Action Step Instructions and Worksheets for you to work on before you move on to the next lesson.

  • You will have access to the course for 4 MONTHS which will allow you to work at your own pace! I believe in a NO STRESS ZONE! (Access from August 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019)

Work Towards Your Ideal Life for $69.00 per participant!

  • Registration is only open for one week! Wednesday July 24, 2019 - Tuesday, July 30, 2019 so mark your calendar!

  • There are only 25 "Seats" Available for the course. First come first serve!

  • Please note that this course is non-refundable.

August is a great time to pull out the school supplies and invest in an amazing future! Register at starting July 24, 2019!

May 16

A New Perspective That Can Change Everything

By Jen Regan | Accomplishing Goals , Overcoming Obstacles , Perseverance

We love to learn, but we don’t like to fail. Unfortunately, most of the time the two go hand and hand. Would life be more enjoyable if we learned to embrace failure? Probably.

My husband, John, used to work in the IT field. He is very savvy with technology and enjoys staying up to date on the latest gadgets. I, on the other hand, struggle with technology. As part of any business, mine included, it is important to have a nice looking, functional website. I have opted to manage my own site, mainly so I can make changes whenever I choose. The down side to this should be obvious, I’m not good with technology! The process, from day one, has  been fraught with failure after failure and this week hasn’t been any different. I decided I was going to do a complete overhaul of my website. I started Monday hoping the changes would come smoothly. Spent two days figuring out everything not to do. Now it’s Thursday, and I hope my site is up and running so you can read this blog post. What I have come to begrudgingly realize, going through this process, is that I needed those two days of getting everything wrong so that I could learn. It was not a comfortable process, but because of those tough days, the rest of the week moved smoother. If everything would have fallen into place, I would not have the knowledge and experience that I have now.

We love to learn new things in life.

One of the most effective ways of learning is by failing.

Wouldn’t it make sense for us to change our perspective on failing and embrace it instead of fight it?

Holy Cow! Easier said than done, I know, but here are a few things to help you (and me) start to see failure in a better light.

  • Winning is great, but failing then winning is even better. Have you ever had a time when you worked towards something and it did not come easily or quickly. I think of all of the individuals who train for marathons or study for major exams. Wow, it takes so much time to train and learn, and I can guarantee that most people do not accomplish it without some setbacks. Finishing easily is great. The finish line is TRIUMPHANT when you have failed along the way and worked your tail off to get there. Whatever you are working towards, keep your eye on the prize and don’t give up.
  • Learning is great, but failing then learning is even better. Your time is never wasted when you are learning, would you agree? If you take a class or read a book, you learn alot and retain some. The way to learn and never forget is to learn by failing. You remember both what did not work, as well as what did. You tend to remember the lessons learned, and rarely forget them. Your time is never wasted by learning through failures.

I understand there are deadlines that must be met and people who are not very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. I also know we can be very hard on ourselves. As with so many areas in life, changing our perspective starts with us first. I certainly have been struggling with this perspective, just ask those around me earlier this week. I have to ask myself and I ask you “How would our lives change and become better if we could embrace learning through mistakes and failures?”

For me, I know the approach I have been taking regarding failures has not worked well. All it has done is lowered my confidence and drained me. Would you join me in working to change our perspective on making mistakes? I think we will enjoy each day more and have a party at the finish line because of it!

Failure propels us forward, it does not hold us back!

Do you have someone dear to you that has struggled with accomplishing an important goal? Have they failed and might be having a hard time getting going again? If this perspective change on failing and learning would help them, would you forward this post their way? I love living life together!

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Mar 07

I Need A Solution – NOW PLEASE!

By Jen Regan | Can Do Attitiude , Overcoming Obstacles , Perseverance , What's Most Important

Life likes to throw challenges our way on a regular basis. Sometimes the solution is evident, sometimes it is not. I love instant answers. I love instant, clear direction, but life does not hand that to us all the time either. So what do we do when the solution to a challenge is not immediately evident?

I have had to make some challenging decisions in the past few months. These decisions revolve around areas that I have defined most important to me in my life. If they are most important, than they should get my time and energy right? Yes, but that is not always easy when there is only 24 hours in a day and I need to sleep and eat at some point. How, then, am I going to prioritize these things? What is the solution? Why isn’t the solution easy to find?

There are decisions that require immediate response, and we all do our absolute best to make the right decision at the moment. There are many decisions that really do not require an immediate response. The BEST solution might actually reveal itself if thought through over a period of time.

For those of you with strong, fast paced decision making skills, I know you feel that all decisions should be made quickly. My husband has the strength of making quick decisions and does it pretty well. Heaven forbid we were ever in an emergency situation, he would have me to the safest spot before the emergency even registered with me. Even though this is a strength, he does struggles with making decisions that do not have quick, fast, easy answers.

Those of us (me included) that have a slower, more introspective approach to decision making, can be challenged with the slow process of finding a solution too. I want things NOW just as much as others do. Here are the nuggets I want to share with you today that have been profoundly helpful for me in past months.

If something is very important to you, and does not require an immediate response:

  1. Don’t give up on the idea or dream if the solution is not immediately evident.
  2. If it is a priority, keep it in the forefront of your mind. Don’t let it slip away.
  3. In your mind, or even on paper, continue to play out scenarios that might work. You will find many that will not, but that is part of the process.
  4. HERE IS THE BIG ONE I HAVE LEARNED RECENTLY! Relax! Don’t fight it. There have been two instances where I kept fighting and fighting for a solution. When I finally wore myself out and relaxed, the answer appeared. One solution came through a comment from a friend and the second came from relaxing and daydreaming a little.

You might think I am off my rocker a little, but aren’t we all! ; ) If you have been trying to figure out how to make something very important to you work in your life, but the solution has not been easy, take another approach. Take a load off of your mind and relax. What’s the worse that can happen? A nap?

Let’s live an amazing life focused on what is most important to us. Hooray when life’s solutions  come quickly! Relax a little when they don’t!

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