Cherishing The Ways Of Our Past

By Jen Regan | Keep It Simple

Mar 25

Life changes over time and many good things are added to our lives. Like the convenience of placing orders and having them delivered to your doorstep. It is easy, at times, to go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing around us, but there are other times when the good old ways of living life are the BEST.

What are some good old ways of living that come to your mind when you think of life in the past? My years as a child seemed simple, not fancy, but great. Even though there are many great things about life today, there are many things I do not want to lose from my past. Here are just a few.

Eating dinner around the table as a family was the norm. I know as my siblings and I grew up and got our first jobs, the number of people around the dinner table started to dwindle, but as kids, eating dinner together was what we did. It gave us a chance to eat a good hearty meal lovingly prepared by my mom who stayed at home/worked from home. It gave us a chance to see each other one time a day, since work and school scattered us during the day and chores and other activities kept us busy after dinner. Dinner together gave us all a chance to catch up with each other. I don’t remember any real deep conversations, but I do remember times when we laughed so hard that me and my sister would have to leave the room so our drink would not squirt out of our noses. Today, It’s only John and I, but eating dinner around our kitchen table on most nights is a BEST thing in my life.

Going for a walk (thankfully not 5 miles to school, uphill both ways). When my Grandparents were alive, they would have probably laughed if they read this blog about going for a walk. My grandparents lived and worked on a farm. They walked and moved as a normal part of their day. They did not need to add exercise into their routine for good health. I do remember as a child, and especially as a teen, getting out and walking around our small town with a friend or just by myself. I also have fond memories of me and my dad power walking home from church on Sunday. He always had to time it to see what our pace was. This winter, getting out to walk every day was a difference maker for me, and because of it, I felt great. I knew how to bundle up, depending on the weather, and enjoyed the fresh air and the sunshine on my face. Walking each day brought LIFE to my day. 

Spending time on projects (alone or with others). My mom has her sewing machine set up to this day. Growing up, she always encouraged me to work on projects with her scrap material. One of my most memorable projects was making a Michael Jackson glove (just one of course). We did not go shopping in places where I could buy one, and why buy one if I could make one? If I was not sewing something, I was moving the furniture around in my room, at least once I had a room to myself. Moving the furniture around into new interesting configurations was fun for me. Spending time on projects that I enjoy is still a part of my everyday life. I can’t imagine life without something to work on.

Having family game night, or for us growing up, it was mom and dad playing cards with aunts and uncles while us cousins played outside or in the basement. Fun time together was not something out of the ordinary, it was deeply ingrained in our lives. These days, Covid-19 has put a halt to getting together with others besides our immediate family, but we have found fun ways to enjoy our time together at home. I do have to say that I am excited, with the vaccines and understanding the virus better, about getting out to spend time with other families here very soon. I think we will cherish our time together so much more since we had to do without it for so long.

What memories of your past have been stirred up as you read this post? How did they positively impact your life? Are they things you can make sure you hold on to in today’s world? I hope so!

Here’s to living in this great day and time, while holding on to the great things from our past!

My Daily Walk With Jesus: God loves us so much. I have learned over the last year especially that just because He loves me does not mean I get what I want. I am far away from understanding God’s ways, but I keep learning. Even when times are tough, I am learning that God is with me through it all, that He has a plan for my growth and that His love never fails. The same is for you too. Even if you don’t believe in Him today, He still loves you and wants you to turn away from your past beliefs and turn towards Him. Turn to Him and ask for Him to move in your life and He will. He did when I did not believe.

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Kay Bruno March 25, 2021

We have gotten away from family game time this past year or so. I miss it.

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