Does It Feel Wrong To Go Slow?

By Jen Regan | Keep It Simple

Oct 10

Our world today values speed. One or two day delivery with Amazon Prime, faster computers and smartphones, instant access to maps. Music, apps and friends. I love every single one of these things and utilize them daily, but there can be an unintended side effect if we are not careful. In our world of speed, do we start to see moving slow as a bad thing?

I have heard countless women express tremendous guilt when having a “slower” day. We feel so much better and valuable when we are busy from start to finish. It can feel exhilarating to check a ton of items off our “to-do” list, and worthless when we don’t.

This feeling of guilt is compounded in our fast paced world when something in life like a health issue gives you no choice but to slow down. It can make us feel guilty, useless and with no energy to keep up.

Stress management is listed as part of the remedy for many medical conditions. Stress management and the speed of our  world don’t blend well together. Stress management usually means it’s time to slow some things down.

Today is a great day to try to see the beauty in the slower things in life.

  • The beauty in people

  • The beauty of nature

  • The beauty of family and friends

  • The beauty found in unexpected moments and places.

There are so many wonderful things about the speed of our lives today, but let’s not forget the beauty of living slowly too.

Do you see the value in the slow beauty of life?

If your life has forced you to slow down, are you willing to try to embrace it and see the beauty in it?

I encourage all of us, in our fast paced world, to form the habit of embracing “slow” and enjoying its beauty that would have rushed by otherwise.

Today’s blog post was inspired by Dr. Tim Elmore who I recently heard at a conference I attended. Dr. Elmore is the founder and president of an organization called Growing Leaders. Our next generation of kids (Generation Z) are growing up in a crazy fast world. An unintended consequence of the fast pace is that kids can believe that slow is bad. As we live life together, let’s love our kids and grandkids by helping them to experience the beauty of slow, along with the fast.

Join me the next 4 weeks to look at 4 more unintended consequences of our world today. See you next week!

Photo by Lucas França from Pexels

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