Does Something Deserve More Attention?

By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

Mar 12

There are so many great things that deserve our focus. Our loved ones, our health, growing and learning, our finances, etc. There are also a number of “good” things that need our attention, as well. Many times the “good” things get more attention than the GREAT things because the great things take effort and devotion. Spending time on the GREAT things gives us long term results and not always a short term boost of happiness. Do you want the BEST things to get your focus today? Let’s look at one way we can do that.


The GREAT and BEST things in life don’t just happen.

  • Our muscles don’t stay strong when we don’t do something...move and exercise.
  • Our relationships don’t thrive when we don’t do something...take an interest in others.
  • Our finances don’t grow when we don’t do something... save and invest.

These are just a few examples from our everyday life. There is nothing here we do not already know. Why is it that these, and other important areas of our lives, fall to the wayside so easily?

First, I think it feels good to be busy. When we are busy in life, we feel like we are contributing, we feel like we are accomplishing, and we feel like we are needed. The good feeling we get from being busy encourages us to say “yes” to a lot of things and our calendars fill up with a lot of “good” things.

Second, being intentional in the BEST and GREAT areas of our lives requires time to think, time to plan, time to invest and don’t always give us instant gratification. 

When we look at these two things together, we see that our calendars fill up with “good” things. We find that we no longer have time to think about the most important areas of our lives. We don’t have time to create a plan to improve the GREAT areas of our lives. We don’t have time to be intentional and therefore the most important areas in life do not get the investment needed to keep them in a thriving state.

Small Steps To Start On Today:

Do you have any areas in your life today that need your investment to move towards a healthier place? What is that area for you today?

Do you have time to invest in that area of your life? Time to think, plan and execute?  

If you do not feel like you do, can you identify another area in your life that is less vital and cut back the time you spend on it? What is the area you can cut back on and how do you plan on doing that?

Being intentional means being deliberate. Being deliberate requires time to think. When can you take time to think and be deliberate to move forward on the area you have identified?

Being deliberate requires a plan. If you let the flow of life direct your day, you will not end up where you want to be. When can you take time to create a plan to move forward?

Being deliberate requires action! What reminders can you set up to make sure you stay focused and not pulled off course? Write out your plan on your calendar so that it gets your priority. When other things come up, you can see that your time is already scheduled for your BEST and GREAT area. How do you plan to make things happen?

If any of this makes you feel overwhelmed or stressed, step back and take one step at a time. But be sure to keep your BEST/GREAT desire at the forefront so that you continue to move in the right direction. We have so many things in our lives that can pull us off course.

Don’t wait for perfection, otherwise you will be waiting a long time, if not forever. There is an individual I know who has wanted to accomplish one big project for years now. They have it set in their mind that it must be done one perfect way...but they never have the time and energy to make that perfect way happen. I am learning that we have to be open to new and less perfect ways of doing things in life in order to move forward. Perfection can be a barrier.

I believe with everything in me that we want the BEST areas of our lives to be GREAT! Let’s work today on adding some intentionality into our lives and see those BEST areas move forward in the way we want them to.

My Daily Walk With Jesus: Growing my relationship with God is one of my BEST areas in life. I take time to think about it often. I have a plan that I work to implement every day, and I make changes as I feel God directing me. I am far from perfect, but thankfully, God does not require perfection or we would all be in trouble. He just wants a relationship. That, I can do!

Photo by Meru Bi from Pexels

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