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By Jen Regan | Keep It Simple

Apr 30

I have always been an advocate for making sure we add things in our calendars that we can look forward to. I have a friend that schedules camping trips for the entire summer so that she looks forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. I have registered for bike ride events in the past to have something to train towards and the event to look forward to. But adding things to look forward to, like we have in the past, is not our current reality. How, then, do we add enjoyment to our lives right now?

Earlier this week I was struggling, and feeling very ho-hum. My inner dialog kept saying “I have nothing to look forward to right now.” I have no trips on the horizon, and no bike rides to train for. Sure, I have ordered some craft supplies to work on, but it all feels like “work”, nothing feels like FUN!

I had to find a solution. I like to live my BEST. I don’t like to live a ho-hum life, even through a down day here and there is okay. I started to think about life as a whole. It really consists of about 95% “everyday” type work. 

  • Getting ready in the morning.

  • Making and cleaning up from meals.

  • Work that brings home income to provide for our needs.

  • Work that needs to be done around the house to keep it running smoothly.

  • More meals and clean up.

  • Mowing the lawn and pulling weeds.

  • Helping others in our world.

The majority of our time in the past and today is spent in “everyday” kind of work. 

I had to come to grips with that and turn my feeling of BLAH into feeling of peace and acceptance. Our lives actually don’t need to be “exciting” all the time. Our everyday work is good stuff and is part of an amazing life, our BEST life. It does not feel glamorous, but I realized the glamorous life I thought I wanted was something that marketers have filled my mind with to buy their products. 

I am actually starting to realize that my everyday, simple life is pretty amazing. I am starting to enjoy things that I rushed by in the past. 

  • Today is a beautiful rainy day. We have a gentle rain that sounds amazing as it hits the new leaves that are blooming on the trees. 

  • Today, we sit next to loved ones, maybe doing “common” things, but we are together, like we have not been able to be in the past.

  • Today, we all try to do our part to make the world a better place. For some that means going out of our homes to work, for some that means staying inside and away from others, for some that means making face masks to protect each other, and yet for others it’s taking the time to call someone who lives by themselves to let them know you are thinking of them.

  • Today we cut our lawn and enjoy the scent of freshly cut grass. We love the look of it when it is all done. 

  • Today we take a walk to keep our bodies moving and healthy.

These are the simple things that our everyday lives are filled with. I am trying to embrace them as significant, because they are. They used to be after thoughts, sometimes even annoyances, but now they are the things that will bring joy into our lives, if we allow them to.

Let’s live our BEST lives, ENJOYING the things that come our way in EVERYDAY life.

My Daily Walk With Jesus: The concept of enjoying the simple things was brought forward for me in a Joyce Meyer Podcast that I listened to as well as my morning devotion with Oswald Chambers. Joyce shared that God is teaching her that she can hear His voice clearer when life is simpler. I can see how that is true. When life is hectic, we can barely hear ourselves think much less hear clearly from God. Oswald Chambers said in April 28th devotion in My Utmost For His Highest “God has got you absolutely and has given you your life. If you are not there, it is either because of disobedience or a refusal to be simple enough.” I read this devotion at a time where I did not feel like “simple” was enough. In the days since, I have worked to embrace the simpler things. God is working in me to find peace and joy in my everyday simple life.

Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

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Kay L Bruno May 6, 2020

Jen, you really do want to live your best life. You’re an example to me. I’m struggling with a lack of motivation because everything is so ho hum. Sunny days are much better than rainy.

I agree with Joyce Meyer. In some ways I’m able to sit more quietly before God during this time of staying home. I read and soak up what He’s telling me. However, my motivation to be productive around the house is lacking.

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