Fall Fun Just For You!

By Jen Regan | Prioritizing Yourself

Sep 19

School is back in swing, new routines are being set for the new school year and schedules get busier and busier with fall activities. Dare I mention, the holidays are right around the corner, too. Our lives are filled with a lot of “good” stuff, but today I want to encourage you to think about something fun for you. It’s part of your Fall Self Care.

It is always great to have something to look forward to. It could be an upcoming vacation, it could be a day off just for yourself, it could be having time to read a good book. Life is so busy and demands so much of us, it is important for us to have some fun.

I have an upcoming trip to Atlanta with a friend. I cannot wait to enjoy a road  trip as well as all of the activities we have planned. I have been planning this trip for most of the year, and it has supplied some much needed anticipation, especially during some of the tough challenges that I faced this year. 

What do you like to do for fun? Just for you. Yes, family vacations can be awesome, but what do you like to do for YOU? Years back when I was focused on climbing my career ladder, I somehow stopped having fun. When my body told me I needed a break, I had forgotten how to have fun. One of the questions I asked myself as I rediscovered fun in my life, was “What did I enjoy doing as a child?” This helped me to get back in tune with my love for being outside, being active, keeping things simple. If you don’t do not have much fun just for you, take some time to think about what you have enjoyed in your past and how you can bring that into your future.

Life is an experiment! Don’t give up if you don’t discover “fun” right away. Try different things. If they do not work out, ask yourself “why?” Years back, I discovered my love for cycling, but I learned quickly that I don’t like to cycle like everyone else. I like to ride slow and steady. I do not like to ride fast like many other cyclists do, and that is okay for both of us. I found the right way for me to have fun on my bike. I have also never been a big movie watcher, but recently I noticed a few movies that I would love to see in the theater, so I am trying something new. What is something fun and new you can try?

Start a new tradition! Plan a girls weekend and make it a yearly tradition. Do something fun with a friend and before the night is over, schedule your next time together (Life is so much better lived together). My Mother-In-Law, Mary, just recently invited me to a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game (Go Cards!). We had such a nice time. When we were done, we said “we need to make this a yearly tradition!” Now I have something to look forward to next year!

Schedule it! You all know that if you do not block time out for your “fun time” something else will fill that spot. Look at your calendar right now and block off some time for some FUN! I know emergencies come up, but barring that, try to be firm about keeping your “fun time”. It is very easy to push it off to another time. Remember, fun is a part of our Self Care. We are much better moms, wives, employees or bosses when we prioritize fun in life. What are you putting on your calendar right now to have some fun?

Fall is such a fun time of year. Take care of yourself and add some fun in your life, just for you!

Here’s to living our best life filled with lots of fun times!

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