Here’s How You Are Doing Great!

By Jen Regan | Uncategorized

Jul 11

If you are like me, you rarely stop and appreciate yourself for all that you are doing and have accomplished. Your mind is always focused on what you can do better or what needs to get done next. Our busy lives leave little room for celebration and recognition of accomplishments, especially the millions of small things we make happen each day.

I am here today to remind myself, and you, that every single thing we accomplish each day, even as small as putting a new roll of toilet paper on the dispenser, is an accomplishment worth celebrating. The shear mass of task we put under our belt each day is staggering. You are doing many things right and well. Here are just a few.

You know what is important and you prioritize it! You are faced with a lot of options each day. You are constantly surveying them all then picking and choosing the ones that are right for your life. You are doing a great job!

You invest in the lives of very important people every single day. From the person you nicely waved to go in front of you in traffic to spending one-on-one time with your teenager walking the dog. You take care of others from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep at night. You are a Rock Star!

You make healthy choices every day to take care of yourself. You strive for a good night’s rest, you focus on eating things that will bring you strength and energy, and you try to keep moving every single day. You take care of yourself and keep your body fueled for action. You are a Champion!

Today, let’s not only focus on our areas of improvement, but let’s CELEBRATE all that we already do and succeed at. The list is long and you truly are AMAZING!

Here’s to giving yourself a high-five for making sure your household has toilet paper...and so much more!

Will you remind someone else that they are doing great this week? Ladies simply don’t hear it enough. Think right now about who you could bless with a word of appreciation and go for it!

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