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By Jen Regan | Keep It Simple

Oct 08

The idea of FOCUS has been on our minds lately. Sometimes it is hard to focus in a world that seems chaotic. But focus is possible. What has gotten your focus today? Do you feel something else should have your focus? There are many wonderful and beautiful things in life to focus on, let’s pursue them today.

I love the picture above. It’s a picture of a woman giving all of her focus to one young life. She is encouraging him and probably even instructing him as he embarks on this new adventure. She is holding tight to protect him, but allowing him to find balance himself. They are taking their time and not rushing. He has her undivided attention...focus. 

It reminded me to ask myself, do the people in my life have my attention? Do they ever get my undivided attention and focus? 

I know the other day I asked my husband a question as I was sorting the mail. I realized when I was done, that I had not listened to his answer. My attention was divided. It would have been easy for me to wait a few more minutes to look through the mail. I did not need to rush, but I did. John did not get my full attention.

Slowing down is a big part of focus and slowing down is a mindset we have to consistently work on. When life is slower, each item that presents itself is more likely to get attention. In contrast, when we feel rushed, we feel we have to multi-task, and nothing gets the time it deserves. If you are like me, I forget something important, like brushing my hair, when I am rushed and trying to do many things at once.

I also find myself in the mode of rushing from the moment I get up in the morning. Just today I had to tell myself that I did not have to rush. Rushing has become a default setting for me. One that I need to reset regularly in order to give each task and person in my life the attention and focus I want to give them.

If you are struggling with focus in your day today, ask yourself if you feel rushed. If you do, try to slow your mind and your actions down and see if that helps you focus more clearly. The people in our lives notice when they have our full attention. They deserve the BEST and so do you.

My Daily Walk With Jesus: It is no surprise that God is challenging me to keep life simple, to stay focused on what is right in front of me. There is a season for planning and preparing, but that is not the season I am in right now. I am in the season of giving my full attention to what is right in front of me. I wonder if this is how God wants me to live from here on out? Not worrying about the future (even though I can plan a fun vacation), but staying focused on Him today.

Photo by VisionPic .net from Pexels

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