How Four Reminders Can Boost Your Spirits and Keep You on Track

By Jen Regan | Overcoming Obstacles

Sep 02

Have you ever had a period of time in your life that was what you would consider not fun…great…enjoyable? In fact that period of time was down right HARD! I am having a day today that feels really HARD. I feel like other people are succeeding, yet I have so far to go. My future “baby steps” do not look like much fun. I am tired, and I ask myself, “Where do I go from here?”

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I am having a hard day, but I have gone through long periods of time that were very challenging as well. Someone once questioned me about my philosophy on Life Planning and Goal Setting. They wondered if it really worked because in their mind, they thought life should be perfect once you have gone through the Life Planning process. I was set back for a moment, but was able to share that I am absolutely living my best life. But living my best, and focusing on what’s most important to me, required more intentionality, more focus, and was very challenging at times. But the hard work was worth it!

Where we are today may not be a fun place to be. But we have to keep moving forward, reminding ourselves that we are moving towards something great! Here are some important reminders.

  1. Don’t compare. There is always someone “ahead” of us on our journey. In my life, there is always someone farther along than me at the gym, in my writing career, in my business development, in my bass playing, etc. They have each worked very hard for what they have accomplished. We can look to them for inspiration, but comparison will only get us into trouble. It will drain us of the motivation and positive energy we need to keep going.
  2. Savor the moment. I have to remind myself that life is a journey. I visualize myself driving across the United States, looking out the window of my car, taking in all there is to see. It is important for us to savor the moments in each day. Savor the moments when you have your little baby cuddled in your arms. Savor the moment when your kids discover new things. Savor the sweet moments with your significant other. Savor the rain falling and the cooler air as fall approaches. There are opportunities to savor the moment every day. We just have to open our eyes to them.
  3. Allow yourself to rest. I realized today that I was tired and it jaded my outlook. I know, because of life circumstances, it is easier at times than others, to get a good night’s rest. But being well rested can be a difference maker in our attitude, in our response to issues, in our decision-making, and our overall outlook. If we want to live and feel our best, we must get some rest!
  4. Do it afraid. I also realized today that part of my “down” feeling was the realization that my next steps in moving forward, are going to be hard. Honestly, I’m a little bit afraid of them. When we move forward, one baby step at a time, we eventually enter new territory. It is exciting territory, but scary too. I first heard the phrase “do it afraid” from Joyce Meyers, and she is right on! Let’s take a deep breath and keep moving in the direction we know we need to go.

Do any of these reminders strike a chord for you? Is there one that seems to rear its head more often than the others? Recognizing it is important, and making adjustments along the way is vital as we strive to live our best!

Here’s to saying goodbye to the blues and hello to brighter days ahead!

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Pam Patten September 6, 2016

Well said Jen! Each of these strikes a chord with me. With TV, social media… even with in families it is so important not to compare, try to measure up to someone else! I heard recently we are to just work at being the best “me” that I can be. To do that I need to remember to put all these other things into play.

    Jen Regan September 6, 2016

    Thanks Pam! It’s a great reminder for all of us to be the best “me” we can be!

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