How To Live The Life You Desire, At The Pace That Is Right For You

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself

Aug 15

Do you feel, at times, like life is conspiring against you, trying to make you busier and busier, trying to make you rush to fit more in? I think you are right, but that does not mean that it “is right”. If we believe that it is normal for life to get busier and busier, I have to ask the questions “when is enough, enough?” and “what is our limit?”

You are being sent messages almost every minute of every day on the radio, social media, advertisements embedded in articles, television and even blogs written by people like me. If someone is trying to sell something, they don’t want you to wait, they want to convince you that you need it NOW. You may not even realize it, but these tactics are built into scripts of tv shows. They truly are everywhere and when acted upon, they impact our time and our finances.

The challenge with needing everything NOW or doing everything NOW is it can add unneeded busyness and stress to our lives. If we feel like we NEED to have our child experience everything possible before they finish elementary school, that may cause your entire household to be on the run the entire time. Please know, I am not against experiencing great things and trying different activities to see what we enjoy and what we don’t. What I want all of us, including myself, to keep in the forefront of our mind is that we are being told CONSTANTLY that we need to do everything NOW, and we really don’t. 

What we do want to do is be in control of our lives and set the pace that is perfect for us and those we love.

Take control! The first step for me in taking control is to become aware of all of the outside influences that are trying to control me and my choices. Did you know that every item in a grocery store is strategically places to increase your purchases? The obvious ones are the candy bars that are perfectly placed when you are standing in line, hungry after work. There are also vacation destinations that cleverly make parents feel like they are letting their children down if they do not prioritize a vacation to their location. We may sometimes feel like we need to do something to keep up with those around us too. I am getting ready to buy a “new” used car, and there is no doubt that part of my decision was based on how I would look to others. We want to fit in, but at what cost? 

Once you are aware of the outside influences, let’s do everything we can to do what is right for us and our loved ones.

Know your personal speed limit. I believe we have a speed limit that is personal to each of us. It has been developed from our core personality as well as our upbringing and experiences throughout the years. I think one great way to get in tune with your personal speed limit is to look at yourself when you are under the least amount of pressure, on vacation. What speed feel best for you when you are on vacation? Now, realize that sometimes we fall into “I have to fit it all in” mode when we are on vacation too, but when you have your best day, what is the pace that feels best for you?  I have figured out that my personal speed limit is slow and steady. I have been around other amazing women that move comfortably a little bit faster. When you work at a pace the “feels good” pay attention to that pace because it is more than likely your personal speed limit.

Once you know your personal speed limit, do all you can to live your life at that speed, regardless of what others are communicating to you. (Also note: your loved ones may have a different speed limit. We want to respect theirs as well)

Living busier and busier lives is going to end in stress and burnout. Let’s do all that is within our control to live our very best life!

Here’s to doing what is right for you and those you love!

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