How To Stay Focused On What’s Most Important In 2020

By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

Jan 30

My Online Life Planning Course is up and running on my website! I am so excited about this because Life Planning has been one thing that has kept me focused in the midst of life’s challenges. Isn't it hard to stay focused sometimes when life gets messy? Life wants to pull us in many different directions and having a Life Plan can keep us focused as we persevere through and out the other side of challenging times.

My life has been focused on a lot of “good” things in the past. In fact, probably too many good things. My time was filled with so many “good” things that I was missing out on some of the BEST things. My Life Plan made me ask myself the hard questions about what is truly most important to me in life. Then I had to ask an even harder questions, “Am I spending my time on the BEST things?” For many years, I have to admit, I was not. Creating my life plan opened my eyes to all of this and set me on a course to spend my time and energy on the BEST things. I want the same for you!

At first I had so many things to change, it was overwhelming. That is when I learned that taking small manageable baby steps was the key to my success. No matter how busy life was, I could fit in a few small baby steps that would help me focus on the BEST things. It was a process, but now I can look back over the years and see how far I have come. You can make the same progress, you just need to get started and move forward step by step.

Life has not turned out 100% as I had planned, but I do have a constant picture of the future that I work towards. I keep that picture in my mind no matter what twist or turn life sends me. There have been times when I had to take baby steps, like my friend Connie would say, “as small as a gnat’s a%$, but I could still say I was moving forward in the way that was right for me.

My Life Planning Course will have you looking back on the life you have lived thus far. There is a lot of good stuff to learn from our past. It has you look forward into the future and think about what you want that to look like. It then walks you through creating a plan to move you forward in filling the gap between here and there and gets you moving in the right direction.

If you have never gone through the Life Planning process, I encourage you to prioritize it sometime in 2020. It has the potential to set you off in a great direction for your future.

I am making my Life Planning Course available all of the time. It is there on my website ready for you when you are ready to jump in. Once you sign up, I give you 6 MONTHS access to the course, so you can work at your own pace and go back to review the materials at your leisure. I have provided a link at the end of the post to my Resource Shop if you feel now is the right time to get started!

Living Life Together: Is there a dear friend that would like to go through the Life Planning Course along with you? I have had a number of groups go through it together and doing it together is priceless. 

You live a busy life, wouldn’t it be great to know that you are busy on the BEST things in life? That is what I want for you as well.

Here’s to living our BEST, giving our BEST and invest in being our BEST!

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