I Admire Your Creativity

By Jen Regan | Perseverance

Apr 09

One thing I love seeing during this time of staying at home, is the creativity that each of you are employing in life. If the grocery store is out of bread, you have been making bread from scratch. When you were asked to wear a mask when you go out, you have taken what you have in your home and made it work. It also makes me think about how we may have stifled some of our creativity in the past, when we have had everything we needed at our fingertips.

One other area you have become very creative in, is your use of time. Many things have been added to your plate. Working from home, homeschooling kids, making three meals a day, and making sure there is enough food in the house to keep your family fed. Spring is here, so there is yard work that needs to get done, and I don’t know about you, but with more activity at home, my house is messier too.

You are making it work though, in your own creative way.

I want you to be very proud of yourself for adjusting and adapting very quickly to your stay at home reality. You have made it work. I know it may not be pretty all the time, but you are being creative every day with your time and the resources you have on hand.

As we move through these weeks and months ahead, and we start to transition to what is next, let’s use that same creative power to create the life we are really happy with.

  • Are you loving the home cooked meals? Are they helping you eat better and feel healthier? Do you enjoy the time with family? How can you make sure those meals continue in the future and not allow “life” to pull you away from them?

  • Are you enjoying getting out for a walk with your loved ones or with your pup? How can you make sure those continue? More daylight in the summer sure does help.

  • Are you enjoying planning out your day, working through your plan and not having to run in twenty different directions each day? How can you continue that in the future?

  • Are you enjoying the phone calls and connection you are having, even though it is from a distance? How can you continue to prioritize connection in the future?

What else are you enjoying about this time of staying home? How can you use your “creative muscles” in the future to keep doing those most important things?

I love a quote I saw on social media posted by Becoming Minimalist. It said “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.” - Dave Hollis

We have a lot on our minds right now, that is no doubt. But in between the busy moments, let’s recognize what we are really enjoying and make a plan now as to how we can have more of that in the future.

Living Life Together:  Ask a friend this week “what is one thing that you are doing while you are staying home that you would love to continue afterwards?” Share your thoughts with them too. I would also love to hear your ideas. Feel free to comment below, that way all of us can share great ideas from each other.

You are doing great! Living a very creative and BEST life. Keep going, you’ve got this!

My Daily Walk With Jesus: I read God’s Word each morning, pray and read a devotional. I ask God to direct my steps, and He does. I try to continue to learn what His voice sounds like and listen to it. It is not fancy, but it is perfect. I keep moving one day at a time, one step at a time.

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

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Kay L Bruno April 10, 2020

I’ve pulled out old recipes. I’m enjoying making some of those again. One thing I’ve been doing that I haven’t done for over 3 years is jigsaw puzzles. I’m really enjoying the challenge, it’s a nice change. My daughter is playing through her Sound of Music Book. I love it, it’s so relaxing. She hasn’t touched that music in a while.
Dog walking will continue. I’ve been calling a friend I haven’t seen in while. We agreed to call every 2 weeks and keep in touch during this quarantine.

    Jen Regan April 11, 2020

    Kay, I love your “stay at home” activities! I bet you have made some tasty meals. Your pup will be happy with the continued walks. Is there anything else you hope to continue when you don’t have to stay at home?

    I have been working on some hobbies that I have not given time to in the past few years. One thing I have realized is that I love making things for other people, so I want to try keep the focus on making things for others as I move forward. It brings joy to both me and others.

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