I Enjoy People When…

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself

Dec 12

There is not much I love to do more that grab a coffee or a meal with a friend. I love chatting, catching up on what is going on in life and having some great laughs. I love being encouraged by those I sit across from and giving encouragement when it is needed. I love sharing ideas and hearing interesting and new things. Sitting across the table from amazing people brings life to my life. 

I believe other people bring life to each of our lives. I believe we are so much better together than we are apart. I also believe that it is important for each of us to recognize the way we are most comfortable interacting with others so that we can add more of that into our lives.

I am also a shy person. I am not nearly as comfortable in a larger group than I am in a small group. There are times where I have to step out of my comfort zone and jump into a large group to meet new people and many times I walk out with a new cherished acquaintance.  Because spending time in large groups does not come naturally to me, and I am drained by the time it is over.

Knowing what energizes us and what drains us when it comes to time with other people is important. We each have so much to contribute to others and to gain from hearing the thoughts and perspectives of others. Adding time with amazing people into your life, if done in the right way for you, will bring more life to your life.

December is a great time to learn about how you best interact with others because we get a lot of opportunities to spend time with family, friends and co-workers over the holidays. Pay attention to the times you feel energized when you have been around other people. What was it about that interaction that energized you? Also, pay attention to the times when you dread going, before you even step out the door. Times you feel drained. These experiences will start to reveal to you what your preferred way of interacting with others is. 

As you start to learn more about yourself and how other people bring life to your life, what do you think about being more intentional about adding more of that great stuff into your life?

Living life together is so much better than going at it alone. 

Here’s to learning more about yourself, being the best YOU you can be, and sharing that amazing YOU with others.

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