I Expected…

By Jen Regan | Overcoming Obstacles

Jan 16

Have you ever expected things to turn out differently than they did? I don’t know about you, but this happens to me on a daily basis. I always expect things to go a certain way, and when they don’t I get FRUSTRATED. Expectations of ourselves and others is a tricky thing to navigate.

This week I am working on a project for work. This project involved a learning curve because I am using software that is new to me. I worked on it for two days last week and felt like I had a pretty good feel for what the software did. So I felt that I was ready to jump in with both feet this week. Well, I jumped in and landed flat on my face. Day number three became part of the learning curve. I took a deep breath and felt good about moving forward on day number four. This morning I got up, told myself it was a new day and I was going to make things happen. Nope. In fact, the progress that I thought I had made was not done correctly, so I am back to square one. I WAS FRUSTRATED! 

I walked away to calm down and reflect. After a few minutes, I realized that I had created unrealistic expectations of myself. I expected to learn and master software in four short days, that other people have worked their entire career to master. 

When we find ourselves frustrated, how many times can we point back to unrealistic expectations of ourselves or of others?

  • Have you ever expected to hit the gym and start back where you left off six months ago, but soon find yourself frustrated with how tired, weak and sore you are? 

  • Have you ever done something nice and expected others to take notice and appreciate you, but they didn’t? You find yourself extremely frustrated with them?

  • Have you ever worked to lose weight and expected the scale to read differently than it did. You want to throw in the towel because it is really hard.

I don’t think we can live life without creating expectations. I think our mind automatically goes there. The question I want us to ask ourselves when we are frustrated from an unmet expectation is “What can I learn from this?” 

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Did I expect too much?

  • Did I expect things to be easier than they were? 

  • Did I expect things to happen faster?

There is a lot we can learn about unfulfilled expectations. I have learned that even though computer software markets itself as “easy”, it may take me some time to learn it and be able to use it effectively. Now to remember that for next time!

Isn’t that an important key too? Let’s take what we learn and use it the next time. 

  • Remember the next time you start back at the gym that it is going to take some time to get back into the shape you desire. Be proud that you are back at it and working to improve your health, no matter what it takes.

  • Remember that certain people in our lives are not known to show appreciation, and not expect it the next time we do something for them. Be proud of the fact that you did what was right.

  • Remember how your body works when it comes to weight loss. Be kind to yourself and go at a pace that is best for you. Be proud of yourself for tackling something very challenging.

Here’s to living a life with less frustration. Let’s do all we can to eliminate it by keeping our expectations in check.

Living Life Together: Sometimes we need a dear friend to remind of some of these things. Let’s lovingly do that for those we care about. Sometimes it can be a simple reminder of our past frustrations to help remind us to do things differently this time.

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels

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