I found an elephant in my office this morning!

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Nov 21

We all have times in our lives when we go through a time of stretching. Sure, we have a choice to say no and refuse to move forward. But if moving forward in our lives is a priority, stretching times come with the territory.

It is a funny quirk of mine, but I always have said that if I have to be tortured, I don’t want to be stretched. There is a movie out there that someone is put in a stretching machine (please let me know if you remember). I thought is was Princess Bride, but I watched that portion of the movie and that “Machine” sucked the life out of Wesley. Well, be it stretching or having the life sucked out of you, it all feels the same and it is hard!

Elephant in my office

I am personally going through a time of stretching. As a small business owner, all of the work falls on either John or I. So needless to say we both have to do and learn things that may not be easy for us or fall within our areas of strength. In my personal life I am making major and needed changes in what I eat and this is really hard. I want it all to be easy. I want to walk around with all my “stuff” together.

But I don’t have it all together, so I have to decide today how to move forward. So this is where I started:

The first thing I did this morning was clear the clutter. I feel like I have so much to do and so many projects going that I could barely breathe. I unfolded our 3×6 foot plastic table, put it in the storage area next to my office and started clearing my desk of all of the stuff “I need to do”. Here are some of the things I cleared:

  • All of the books I have purchased that “I need to read”
  • All of the paper in my life that “needs something done with it” (filed, scanned, processed, etc)
  • All of my fun projects that “I need to move forward on” (Learning the upright bass, the banjo, gardening, etc)
  • For me it is paper clutter. For you it might be digital clutter that you need to clear.

Yes, I know I still need to deal with all of that stuff, but by physically clearing all of it I:

  • Cleared my space. (I work much better in a clear and clutter free space)
  • Cleared my mind. (All of the “stuff” kept nagging on me and reminding me of how much I need to do)
  • Can now deal with my urgent and important items easier.
  • Can put a plan in place that fits with my priorities to get through both the “stuff” and the areas I am feeling stretched. Can start to “eat the elephant” one bite at a time, without having the elephant standing in the middle of my office.

The stretching has not gone away. I still have to move forward on some hard things, but by clearing the non-urgent, non-important “clutter”, my mind is clearer to tackle the most important stuff.


Are you consumed by all of the clutter that has filled your life? Is it time to clear all of that and start fresh?

What are you going to do today is clear the clutter and focus on what is most important to you in life?

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Jen Regan November 21, 2013

From Mary via Facebook: Oh Jen, you must be with me this morning!!! I’m clearing the clutter from my desk too. But my mode is a little different. I put it all on my chair. Then I go thru things one by one. I can’t sit down until it is all put away in it’s proper place. For my energy level there’s nothing better than a clean desk. It’s not all the clutter that fills my life but it helps me go in that direction.

Bless you!

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