If Somethings Not Working…

By Jen Regan | Overcoming Obstacles

Feb 13

Have you ever been in a place in life when you have tried to do something to move forward and you find that it is not working? The obvious next step to take is to try something different, but it is not always that clear and easy is it?

Next week I have three doctor appointments in three days. Last year I decided to seek the advice of  a medical professional to get some direction regarding some annoying symptoms I was having. Overall, I see food as medicine and always try to adjust my diet first to see if I can remedy things without medication. I did exactly that and found some improvement, but things slowly started to turn south and my symptoms worsened, even on the strictest of diets. I am finding that some things in my work life are not working. I also realized last week that things that motivated me to workout in the past were no longer motivating me. What has worked in the past is clearly not working now. It’s time to try something different.

Change is hard, and I do not like to change just for the sake of changing, BUT, when I can see a benefit to change, I am all in!

How are you feeling today? Are there any areas in your life that are not working real well for you anymore? Is it time to change things up? If so, let’s take these small baby steps together.

  • Define what areas have gone stale and need a fresh approach.

  • Think about, and maybe write down what is not working anymore and why.

  • Now that you have identified what is not working, think about a new approach, a new way of getting the result you are looking for. Write your ideas down. I always find that to be helpful.

  • Decide on the first few steps you need to take to move in the new direction.

  • Start moving!

This can feel scary because we do not want to fail, but one of the things I am trying to learn in life is that not succeeding at something does not mean I have failed. If I do something that does not work, and I learn something that continues to point me in the right direction, it is not a failure at all.

I do not know what my three doctors are going to tell me. All I know is that:

  1. I don’t want to stay where I am because what I am doing is not working.

  2. Every step I take to move forward will provide more insight to help me take yet another baby step forward.

  3. I love moving forward and not feeling stuck!

Live Life Together: If you feel stuck in an area of life, talk to a close trusted friend. Sometimes talking it through will help and sometimes they may have just the encouragement you need to start heading in a new direction. Share any new direction with them so they can cheer you on along the way.

Here’s to changing things up and finding new ways of continuing to move forward!

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

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