Is It Possible To Take A Break In August?

By Jen Regan | Baby Steps

Aug 01

In the Midwest, August is a time to head back to school. The store shelves are filled with school supplies, doctor appointments are made for school physicals, and new schedules are figured out to accommodate school activities, transportation needs on top of your work schedule. It is a great time of getting back into a routine, but it can be a lot added to your already busy schedule.

A friend of mine recently bought me a book about enjoying the journey of life. One area it discussed that challenged me was the concept of pushing less in life and easing through life more. It’s kind of ironic, but it takes some effort for me to be intentional about easing myself through life, but I have to say that it has been quite a nice experience.

Here in the busy time of year, I want to challenge you to be easy on yourself, and ease through life a little. 

Most of “easing” is a mindset. When I get up in the morning and start to get all ramped up about my day and all I need to get done, I…

  • Stop myself, take a few deep breaths.

  • I make sure I write down the tasks I need to complete. This frees up my mind.

  • I focus on only one thing. I ask myself “what is the first thing I need to get done?’

  • When I am done, I ask myself what is next?

Instead of getting ramped up about all I have to do, I take it easy focusing only on one thing at a time.

It takes some practice and constant reminders because, if you are like me, we get ramped up really easily. The more you ease through life though, the more addictive it is. It feels great! 

One Warning: Watch out for the feeling of guilt. When you start to ease through life, guilt wants to make you feel like you “should” be moving faster. You will hear the voice in your head say “Only busy people are productive and get things done.” Well I will tell you, I have gotten a ton done during my “easing” experiment. I simply feel more relaxed, focused and purposeful. I will trade in guilt any day for those feelings.

I challenge you this August, as life tries to start ramping back up after summer, to be intentional about staying in the summer mode of “easing through life”. You will still get a great amount of things done, but feel great while you are doing them.

Here’s to an awesome August and saying “no” to the hustle and bustle it has brought in the past.

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