It’s Good Medicine!

By Jen Regan | Uncategorized

Apr 19

During the ups and downs of life, it important to fill our lives with good things. Many times, we have to be very intentional about adding these good things to our lives, because they do not happen on their own. One of those “good things”, which brings contentment to our lives, is gratitude. It is good medicine!

I do not know what your life looks like right now. You might be going through some really tough stuff. I have found that it does seem easier to feel grateful when life is going well. Although, it is in the midst of the hard times of life where we can find glimmers of peace, joy and contentment in gratefulness.

I encourage you today, wherever your journey has taken you, to take a few minutes to think about the following area, and the blessing you have to be grateful for.

  • The important people in your life. Family, friends, significant others, co-workers.
  • Your mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health. The health of those close you to.
  • A roof over your head and comforts like clean water to drink, heat, running toilets, transportation, etc.
  • Your job and income to meet your needs.
  • Blessings that are special only to you.

There is much to be thankful for and gratitude warms our hearts. It is worth the short investment of time.

I am thankful for you! Enjoy your week and the blessings that are all around you!

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