It’s Time To Move!

By Jen Regan | Accomplishing Goals

Jan 23

When I created my first Life Plan, I decided I wanted to be vibrant and active into my 70’s and 80’s. I wanted to be the happy, healthy woman at the retirement community dancing, going on walks and taking advantage of every fun day trip. 

After a challenging year of health issues and working to simply maintain the status quo, I am ready to get moving, in order to continue moving towards the life I dream of. How about you?

Life is about navigating all of the twists and turns it throws at us, creating a plan to live the lives we desire and keep moving forward in a way that is best for each of us, so that we can be the best we can be!

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a lot of experience with navigating life’s twists and turns, and quite frankly, that is life. There are times when the status quo is all we can muster up. It is during those times when we have to give ourselves a lot of grace and focus on taking care of ourselves. I have also found that I do eventually reach the point where I know I can start to move on and move forward. 

If you are feeling the same way today, let’s start moving together by:

  • Dreaming about the future and creating a picture in our minds of what we want our future to look like in 5, 10 and 20 years. Like the picture of this vibrant woman above, it is our picture of the future that will keep us motivated and moving forward. What do you want your future to look like?

  • Deciding on some goals or milestones you can work towards that will keep you excited and moving in the right direction. What goal can you set for the first half of this year? I have decided to sign up for my longest bike ride yet, scheduled for June 2020. I want to live a life where I am active, in some way, six days a week, then allow myself one day for complete rest. Training for this bike ride will help me move towards that goal. What is something you can do, that you enjoy, to help you move towards your desired future? What deadline can you give yourself?

  • Creating a realistic plan, especially if you are working through health issues. I say that because, if you are like me, we want to try to jump right back in where we left off. I know my body would not allow me to do that at this point in time. I pulled out my calendar and saw that I have 22 weeks to train. At first that sounded like a long period of time, but in order to move forward at a pace that is right for me right now, I can use every second of time I can get. I took out a piece of paper and listed numbers 1 through 22. I wrote down what I can manage this week on line #1, and my goal on line #22. Then I started to fill in a realistic timeline of training. I built in some cushion knowing that I might have some challenging weeks. I walked away with the beginning of a plan. How long are you giving yourself to reach your goal? Take some time to write it out. You will gain confidence in knowing your plan is realistic and attainable. 

  • Putting it on your calendar. We will have a much better chance of following through on our plan if we block off time right now for it. It is important to put our most important items on our calendar first, and fill in the less important things around them. Go ahead and do that now, don’t hesitate!

  • Let’s get moving! Don’t wait to get started. I have 22 weeks. I could definitely procrastinate if I wanted to, but why? Remember, this is not about a bike ride for me, this is about living a vibrant life now and into my 70’s and 80’s. This is about making your picture of the future a reality and starting to do that TODAY! Take one small manageable baby step today towards your dream. I am dog sitting a family member’s dog, so we are going to go out for a walk this afternoon. It’s small, manageable and exactly what I want to do as I grow older, so why not do it now!

  • Let’s do it together! Right now I do not know anyone else who is participating in the bike ride I am, but I do have friends that love to be active. Let’s all hook up with like minded individuals in our lives and make our future dreams a reality together! Life is so much better, and fun, together!

Here’s to creating an awesome picture of the future and moving towards it today!

Photo by Italo Melo from Pexels

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