Let’s Do It Together!

By Jen Regan | Living Life Together

Jan 02

I love to ride my bike, but sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed to get started. That is when I am thankful for a friend to ride with. Knowing we have agreed upon a time, place and plan to ride gets me out of bed, out the door and on the road for some great exercise. It’s much easier, and fun, to do it together.

As you look into the new year, what do you want to make happen? You might set goals, resolutions, create bucket lists, or none of the above. Regardless, I still think you have something in mind to move forward on. Whatever it is, do you feel as though you could benefit by having a partner to do it with? 

Figuring out the logistics of this can be tricky at times, because we all have very busy lives. When we want to do something with a friend or co-worker, we have to coordinate two busy schedules, but it is possible. Here are some small manageable baby steps:

Answer the question “What would you like to accomplish?”

Is there anyone who comes to mind who wants to work towards the same thing? 

If not, don’t give up. Keep it in your mind and keep your eyes peeled. You may hear a co-worker talk about accomplishing the same thing. You never know who might spring into your life.

If you do have someone in mind, try to sit across the table with each other and talk through a plan that will work for both of you. Yes, this can be done via email, texts or messages, but spending time with others is so much better. I think you will be able to come up with a much better plan when you are sitting together talking things through.

Create a plan together.

Set some realistic goals together.

Decide on how you are going to do it together. How can you encourage each other? When are you going to meet up?

Then get going...together!

A friend of mine and I have very different goals, but we still “do them together”. We want each other to succeed, so we check in on each other almost daily. We get together each week for coffee to hear about how our week is going and how our plans are moving forward. We get so excited for each other when things go great, and we are the first to encourage each other when things are tough. Living life together with someone who cares about me helps to keep me moving forward and also helps me enjoy the process so much more.

What do you think? Do you think it would help to work towards your goals this year with a friend? It might take some initial effort to make it work, but I think it will be well worth the effort in the end.

Here’s to having fun making things happen this coming year, because we are willing to live life together!

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