Life Transitions Can Be Hard

By Jen Regan | Perseverance

Feb 06

Have you ever been in a place in life where you were not sure what was next? This can be especially true during times of transition. Maybe your youngest child is gaining more independence, has started school and is able to do more for themself. Maybe your child has started college and you find yourself with an empty nest. Maybe you have been caring for a loved one who has now passed away. Life transitions can be hard. Let’s look at a few small manageable baby steps we can take to get us through these challenging times.

Be kind to yourself. Transitional times in life have emotional strings attached to them. Experiencing those emotions is okay and many times very healthy. I feel guilty when I am not doing something or going somewhere, but staying still for a moment in time is important during transitions. Take a deep breath of fresh air and take care of yourself.

Revisit what is Most Important to you. As you think about what is next in life, ask yourself if you can transition some of your time to another area that is Most Important to you? Has there been an area of life that has been neglected? What could use a little bit more attention? Focusing on what is Most Important brings life to our lives!

Take one step and see where it leads, then take another. Sometimes during times of transition we can feel stuck, not knowing what to do or where to go next. An old friend of mine, who is a retired navy officer, one told me “You can only steer a ship that is moving.” It is so true! If you take one step forward it gives you a new perspective and helps you see the next step, then the next. If you have no idea where to start, take one step by taking a walk. While you are walking, think about one more step you can take. The key is to move and not get stuck.

Be patient. This is not my favorite thing to do, quite honestly, but life transitions take time. As you work through the previous steps, keep going. Keep moving forward even in the smallest of ways. Before you know it, you will have moved through your time of transition and on to whatever is next in life.

Live life together! One thing I know as, I have gone through the twists and turns of life, is that isolation can be one of the worst things. If you need to, force yourself to spend time with people who love and encourage you. You never know, they may share the key that will spark a great idea for your life.

Here’s to moving through transitions, taking care of ourselves, staying focused on what is Most Important, taking one baby step at a time, together!

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