One Loose End To Tie Up

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Dec 05

As we say goodbye to November, I want to jump back real quick and make sure one piece of business was not left undone:

November is the month of being thankful. Some focus on it all month-long, others on Thanksgiving Day itself. But where ever you fall in your thankfulness practices, make sure you don’t forget to thank YOURSELF!

My blog is about us living our best life possible. Living your best life requires a ton of work! I have found it to be the most rewarding kind of work, but a lot of effort and energy is expended when living intentionally and living our best.

Coffee with lights

December tends to be the month we look back on our year to reflect on where we have come. I think that November’s thankfulness and December’s reflection on the past year go together quite nicely.

I look back on the past year and see that I have really worked hard to live my best life. I also see that I do not have any regrets. That is huge! When we are living our lives according to our priorities, or what is most important to us, we do not look back with regrets. I worked hard (and am still working on) growing healthier, I spent great times with my husband, I grew in my relationship with God, I stretched myself and learned more about what it means to be a great person, Coach and Business Owner.

Take some time today to grab your favorite beverage, find a cozy nook to curl up in, think about the amazing things you have done this past year, and thank yourself for all of the hard work, energy, and passion you put into it.

Great Job!

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One Loose End To Tie Up December 5, 2013

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Dale Fanter December 5, 2013

Jen, I like your suggestion to THANK YOURSELF. A corollary to this is, while you are forgiving people for their errors of failure of judgment, be sure to

Jen Regan December 5, 2013

Dale, you are right! We are our own worst critic at times. Your insight is a great reminder and will truly help those reading today’s post. Thank you!

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