Sometimes We Don’t Have To Hold It All Together

By Jen Regan | Be True To Yourself

Mar 05

Have you had to say goodbye to someone maybe due to death, moving or job change? Have you had to give something up that you really enjoyed, and not just for Lent? Have you had to come to grips with a dream that is not going to come to fruition, maybe not being able to conceive your own child? These things can range from disappointing to devastating, but they all bring sadness into our lives, and that’s okay.

Many times in life, we feel like we need to “hold it all together” and we feel sadness does not fit into that mold. We feel we are supposed to put a smile on our face and “buck up buttercup”. Sometimes we feel like we always need to be positive, we think that having a less than positive thought is wrong. 

There have been times in my life where I have simply been sad. Some have been because of the loss of a loved one, but other times it is because of the loss of being able to eat a favorite food because of health issues. In both cases, I tried to fight the sadness. I tried to see the positive in the situation, but what I found in the end was that fighting my sadness only made me both sad and exhausted.

When I finally allowed myself to recognize what was making me sad and allow myself to be sad about it, I actually allowed myself to heal.

If you are sad about something today, or tomorrow, or next week, spend some time to recognize what has made you sad. Work through your sadness in a way that is right for you and start the healing process. 

Live Life Together: If you find yourself falling deeply into sadness, find someone you can talk to. If you do not have anyone you feel like you can confide in, call a counselor or even a hotline specializing in the areas that brings you sadness. There is someone on the line that will be thrilled to talk to you. If you do have someone in your life, share your heart with them even if all you want to share is that you are sad right now. Life is not easy at times and having others to lean on is so important.

Sadness is an okay thing. It’s a part of life. Sometimes we don’t have to “hold it all together”.

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