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By Jen Regan | Baby Steps

Apr 25

Regardless of whether you work outside of your home or work as a stay-at-home wife or mom, your day can be filled with stress. You have deadlines and constant demands of your time from your boss, co-workers, students, and family. Is it possible to find stress relief in the middle of your busy day?

Overloaded “to-do” list, cut-throat deadlines and challenging co-workers created a very stressful work environment for me. I enjoyed my job and what I did, but the fear of not meeting deadlines, getting called on the carpet for forgetting something or having to make-up for underperforming coworkers made my days very stressful. I needed relief!

My situation did not have an easy solution, and I suspect that your stressful challenges today don’t either. Two great questions to ask ourselves today are: What do I have control over? What can I change that would bring some stress relief?

One thing I have found to be immensely helpful is to take my “big project”, the challenge with my coworker/loved one, or overloaded “to-do” list and break it down into smaller pieces.

Breaking BIG things down into smaller pieces reduces stress by:

  1. Allowing you to look at and focus on a few “must do” items instead of feeling overwhelmed looking at ALL you have to do or get done. This allows you to give your full focus to a few items and not get distracted by the looming whole.
  2. I have especially found that taking a few minutes at the end of each day to line out my few “must do” tasks for the next day brings more peace and less stress. This allows me to leave work behind, enjoy my evening, helps me sleep better and allows me to hit the ground running first thing in the morning.
  3. Breaking things into smaller pieces, in a well thought out plan, also allows you to better negotiate when more tasks are sent your way. When more tasks are sent your way you can share your game plan with your boss/loved one and work with them to decide what is highest priority, knowing your limited time. Sometimes, they have no clue what is all on your plate. Sharing your game plan shows you are organized, very busy and ultimately allows them to give input on what needs to get done and what does not. I understand this is not easy for us perfectionist control minded individuals, but keeping others aware of our limits is important.
  4. Breaking our tasks down into smaller pieces also shows us the items that we could delegate or even eliminate. As deadlines get closer, we have to be realistic. Sometimes we find a few things that can get chopped or passed on.
  5. Breaking things down also helps us to see how much we really do accomplish in a day. When we are under stress, we need all of the “wins” we can get. Checking a bunch of items off the list feels great!
  6. If you are dealing with a challenging individual, try to take one small step to find out more about them or put yourself in their shoes. I will never forget what I was told a long time ago. “Hurt people, hurt people.” One of my previous co-workers would not trust anyone, including me. This drove me crazy because I work really hard to gain people’s trust. She never shared the stories of her past with me, but after working with her, I realized that she most likely was hurt badly in her past. She no longer felt as though she could trust anyone. This allowed me to give her space to be who she was and not take her lack of trust personally.

Our lives are filled with stress. Let’s take back the control we do have, make the changes we can make, and relieve some of our stress by breaking things down into smaller pieces (a.k.a baby steps).

Here’s to more peace ahead and lots of small baby steps to keep you moving! Never forget, you are UNSTOPPABLE!

Do you have a friend or a co-worker that could use some stress relief? If so, I would love for you to send this blog post their way. We are all in this together!

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