Struggling With The Simple Life At Home

By Jen Regan | Keep It Simple

May 21

I was once informed that I was a workaholic. I loved my job. I loved what I did. I loved the team I worked with. I loved getting things done and being appreciated for it. On one particular day, I was frustrated with my husband, John, because he wanted me to come home and spend time with him, but I wanted to finish a few more things at work. I received a timely phone call from a woman I looked up to greatly. I shared with her my frustration with John, sure that she would take my side. Nope. She lovingly shared with me that if my job was interfering with my time and relationship with John, I needed to make some changes at work. I did not want to hear it, but she was right.

I cannot tell you how long it was from that phone call to the time I took action on the wisdom of that friend, but it sent me on a journey of simplifying my life in order to prioritize my family. I started by transitioning to part-time work, and boy, was that hard. I spent less time in the place I felt valued for my hard work and spent more time taking care of my home where I did not get as many pats on the back. Why is it that we don’t get a pat on the back for cleaning the toilets? Why is it that it is just expected that there is food in the house? However, that is life at home. 

I remember taking a walk one day because I simply had to get out of the house. I did not understand the feelings I was having. On one hand, I felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to work part time and stay on top of more things for my family, but on the other hand, I was sad. I realized, on that walk, that it really did come down to the fact that I was addicted to getting value from other people for the work I did. It is not a bad thing all together, but I was going to have to make some mental changes if I was going to make this simplified life at home work.

One mental shift I made, and still have to remind myself of, is that the work I do at home does make the lives of my loved ones better. I made it my mission to make my home a sanctuary for John to come home to after a long day of work. I never had children, but I learned the needs of my sweet puppy as she grew older and did all I could to make her life better.

I also knew that everything at home did not have to fall on my shoulders. We need the help of everyone, but, as you know, that does not automatically happen. We hold a leadership role in our homes. We keep it running smoothly with the help of a team. I heard someone once describe the job of a homemaker as a management position, and it really is. The role we hold at home is essential.

Today, we are all finding ourselves in different roles at home more than we have had in the past. Let’s see ourselves as leaders in our homes. Know that the work we do, day in and day out, is very valuable. Rally the team, so that everyone can do their part. Celebrate the big and small wins we have along the way.

Life at home can be a simpler life, and it can be one that is savored and enjoyed. Here’s to living your best life at home with those you love.

My Daily Walk With Jesus: Many times we see certain jobs as “spiritual jobs” and others as not. I have learned that everything we do in our day is part of God’s plan and will for our lives. Mowing the lawn is part of His plan for our lives. Folding laundry is too. Knowing all of the simple things I do at home is part of His plan, helps me see them in a new light. It helps me see them as important and valuable.

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Kay L Bruno May 27, 2020

Love this, so true. I don’t always enjoy the work I’m doing at home. Receiving value for a job “well done” as a teacher is much more satisfying than work done at home as a retiree.

    Jen Regan May 28, 2020

    Kay, it is definitely a mental shift to find value in the work we do at home. You do a great job managing your home to keep it running smoothly. Keep up the great work!

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