Summers As A Child Were Special

By Jen Regan | Keep It Simple

Jul 02

I remember my summers as a child to be slow and sweet. It felt like my only obligation was to ride my bike to swim team practice each weekday morning and race in a weekly meet. My other time was spent outside playing by myself or with a friend, escaping the built up heat inside our non air-conditioned house. When I think back to it, it was simple and good.

Life is not always that simple as adults. We certainly have more responsibilities and obligations, but I believe we can find some sweet simplicity if we are intentional about finding it.

That intentionality includes awareness that our culture values busyness and a slower pace tends to be seen as lazy. How many times have you taken some down time only to feel guilty about taking it afterwards? The fast pace that our world revolves in is not necessary nor healthy most of the time. Individuals and families are starting to see a better, slower and simpler way they want to live.

What is BEST for you and your loved ones this summer? A jammed packed schedule or a slower pace that fosters meaningful time together? A little boredom that can spark our imaginations, or some silliness and fun, maybe walking in the rain and playing in puddles?

My husband and I remain committed to staying at home through this time of Covid-19, for our good health and for the good health of others. This time has been a gift. John and I have spent more time together over the past few months than we have in the 25 years we have been married. I have experienced some boredom, but it has sparked some imagination and allowed some time for rest. I have noticed more wildlife and have become especially fascinated with birds this summer, living a much too busy life in the past to notice them. I can’t say I have been too silly, but John and I have walked in the rain many times on our morning walks.

Each of us has an amazing choice to make in life. Love, embrace and live a simpler life...or not. My experience has been that the simpler life is filled with rich life moments that I no longer would trade for constant hustle and bustle. What is your choice? What can you do this week to move in that direction?

My Daily Walk With Jesus: I believe with my whole heart that God wants us all to slow down enough to have meaningful conversations with HIm. God loves to hear what is on our hearts, even when we are upset. God also loves to whisper love, encouragement and instruction into our ears, but many times we are too busy and rushed to hear it or acknowledge it. As my life has slowed down, my time with God has become richer. I believe He wishes that for you, too!

Photo by Yan from Pexels

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