The Importance of Discovering Who You Are and “Being You”!

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Aug 29

I have come to realize that life is a process of understanding ourselves, and then taking that information to live better in this world of ours. We are amazing, complex individuals that have been created, shaped and formed through our environment, the people in our lives, and our many experiences. I believe we will go into old age still discovering new things about ourselves. We truly are amazing.

Weathered Tree Rings








I will be honest, I have not been intentional about learning about myself. It has been through people in my life presenting various tools that I have helped me tap into who I am, what I am gifted in, what I am strong at, what I enjoy, why I respond to things the way I do, etc.  But through this process, going on for about 10 years now, I am a much more confident, happy, free person. And like so many great things, I want everyone to experience the same confidence, happiness and freedom.

Here are just of few things I have learned and discovered about myself:

  • I have an overall optimistic view of life, but I have to watch out for the negative things that I think about myself. I tend to be hard on myself.
  • I love to be active. I love to walk, play volleyball, and my latest discovery is that I enjoy working out punching a boxing bag.
  • I like being by myself. There is a time for me to be with people, and there is a time for me to be by myself. If I do not get my “me” time, I get cranky (just ask John).
  • I have experienced God’s presence in my life. I try to stay in tune with Him every day so I can learn to love Him and others better.
  • I LOVE sweets! I have realized over the past few years how bad sugar is for me, so I had to cut back. But I really enjoy sweet stuff!

Learning about yourself is not difficult, but it takes time and intentionality. You have to get away from the hustle and bustle of life to read, think, make observations, and utilize great tools. I believe the more we know ourselves and live our lives focused on our gifts, strengths, and amazing qualities, the better:

  • Spouse we will be.
  • Friend we will be.
  • Parent we will be.
  • The more fun we will have.
  • The more energized we will feel.
  • The better we will serve others.

…the list goes on and on! Each ring on a tree represents a year of growth. The year could be a year of great abundance, severe drought, fire, disease, or just getting by with what it needs. But the tree still grows! We have a choice, no matter what our current season looks like, to grow and learn. Join me on this quest to take time to learn about ourselves, feel more energized, and give back like we never thought possible.

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John D Regan August 30, 2013

Having “me” time is extremely important! For those of use who tend to be more introverted it’s critical. It took me a while to accept that sometimes being alone is the best fuel for my system, and I’m learning to not apologize for needing “me” time.

Jen Regan August 30, 2013

This holiday weekend might just be a perfect time for us to carve out some “me” time. Thanks for your comment John, you are right, we should not apologize for needing it and should not feel guilty when we take it!

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