This Fall Can Be A Great Season

By Jen Regan | Living Life Together

Aug 20

It’s looking like the uncertainties of life we have persevered through are going to continue for a while longer. What does that look like for you at home this fall? Are there opportunities to take advantage of?

John has always dreamed of buying an RV when we retire and to travel the country full time. I have always been reluctant because John and I have strongly opposing personalities and giving each other room to breath has been beneficial in the past. In the first month of our Covid 19 lockdown, I had a few moments when John’s continuous presence rubbed me a little wrong. But I am happy to report, we are now going on our sixth month of lockdown together and we have both learned to co-exist in the same space pretty well. I can say now, I am looking forward to my fall here at home with John.

Over the past months I have learned some practical things that have improved life together here at home. I hope they can help you, too.

  • First, don’t feel like you have to fill every minute with something both for yourself and for your loved ones. Sitting outside, feeling the wind blow on your face, listening to it rush through the trees and watching the birds whiz by is a great way to spend time. This attitude is an adjustment from the constant “go” and “doing” of our culture. It was hard for me at first too, but now it is a sweet part of each of my days. This also teaches our kids that they don’t have to be entertained  all the time. Down time can be enjoyable and is beneficial.

  • Second, allow each other to have a space they can call their own, even if it is a bean bag chair in the corner of the family room. We all need a space we can enjoy, keep as messy or as clean as we want and a place to be by ourselves when we need it. This includes you as well. You need time away, in your own space, in your own world to do what you want to do. Make sure everyone has a space to call their own.

  • Third, appreciate each person for who they are, for their unique personality, strengths and weaknesses. Each person brings immense value to your family and your home. One may be a quiet methodical thinker, another a bundle of energy ready to run when their feet hit the floor in the morning. Everyone is valuable. Recognizing that and remembering it daily will help everyone live together better and appreciate each other more.

  • Fourth, encourage everyone to work as a team and have each other’s backs. Serving each other is the key here. When one person takes the initiative to serve others, it changes the heart and taking care of each other becomes contagious. What a great atmosphere to promote in your home!

  • Lastly, allow each other to have a few rough days every once in a while. We all have them and we all need them to process the new and unusual life we are asked to live right now. Give each other the freedom to feel down. Love and support each other no matter what the day brings.

A lot is within our control this fall. Let’s take care of ourselves, those we love and enjoy the changes in seasons. Don’t miss out on the beauty that is right in front of you in your families, at home and in the world around you.

My Daily Walk With Jesus: God is personal. He knows me better than I know myself. He loves me and wants me to grow and learn. I look forward to each day, always wondering what He has in store for me that day. Some days are more challenging than others, but God’s comfort is always there and His plan is good. Let's invite Hims to be a part of our school year and fall season.

Photo by Jennifer Murray from Pexels

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