Want To Add More Beauty And Ease Into Your Life?

By Jen Regan | Perseverance

Feb 20

Every month or so, my friend Allison and I talk on the phone across the miles, catching up on life and always encouraging each other. Our phone calls are always a source of joy and encouragement for me. Last night I asked Allison a deep question and her answer helped me out so much.

I shared with Allison how I always want things in life to go fast and easy, but they RARELY seem to ever go that way. I try to think positively as much as I can, so to say that life rarely goes the way I want (fast and easy) seems negative, but is “fast and easy” realistic?

Allison reminded me that our culture stresses the quick and easy fix. Marketers sell us on the idea that their product or service will change things overnight so that we will buy their stuff NOW. They know that in our busy lives, a quick and easy solution is desirable because we are so limited on time. 

BUT, this idea of quick and easy seems to bring me a lot of frustration because it is rarely how life really works. Yes, we can order Amazon and get it as quickly as a few hours, but finding a diagnosis to a health issue takes time. Learning how to make changes in our lives and seeing results, take time. Building a strong relationship takes time. Creating a habit of ongoing exercise takes time. Seeing the growth of finances happens over time. 

I try my hardest to think for myself, but this concept of quick and easy has permeated itself into my life. Allison shared with me the visual image of the four seasons. The more we talked about nature we described it as slow, conducted with ease, flowing, organic. 

So I ask myself today, how would my life change if I started to remove the idea of fast and easy and embrace the idea that life really is a slow, beautiful process?

Now, there is no doubt we have to go to work in this fast paced world. We have deadlines that are imposed on us. What if we identify the fact that we do have control over our thoughts, attitude and actions and try to move with more ease where we can in life?

Spring is on it’s way! Join me in seeing the beauty. As you see the flowers pop through the ground and bloom, slowly and beautifully, allow it to be a reminder for us to do the same in our lives.

Live Life Together: My life was enriched by my time with Allison on the phone this week. I encourage you to find someone in your life who you can spend quality time with. If you do not have someone right now, pray that God brings that person into your life. He answered that prayer for me years back when I felt very alone. Also know that friendships require your investment of time, they just don’t happen (fast and easy). Start to invest in other people and see what friendships grow out of that time together. It is a slow, beautiful process that is worth every minute.

Here’s to embracing the slow beautiful nature of life and saying “no” to the fast and easy life that marketers want us to buy into.

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

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