Week #1 of my “saying goodbye to 40 possessions in 40 days”

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Mar 12

Week number one of my “saying goodbye to 40 possessions in 40 days” was a great success! Getting rid of seven items was not too hard. Here is what it looked like for me this week.

Vietnam Vet donation

Wednesday was the start of this great journey, and in order to start out on the right foot I gathered up all of the items I had already set aside to donate, called the Vietnam Veterans of America, and had them pick up two bags of goodies. Now I felt like I could start fresh.


Red sweater

Day #1: Wednesday I pulled a sweater out of my closet that I had not worn all winter. It’s one of those garments that had to be paired with just the right thing and it was way to high maintenance for me – it goes in the donation pile!


southern living 1
Day #2: Thursday I gave away some home decor and found a friend in need of it. And just like that day #2 was done.


southern lving 2
Day #3: After finding out the need my friend had for home door, I decided that day # 3 was going to be a second piece of home decor that she might like. I texted her a picture and sure enough, she loved it. Day #3 done.


nail polish

Day #4: This requires some back story – I recently made a huge shift in what I eat. I have all but eliminated dairy, grains, refined sugars and preservatives from my diet. I had been feeling poorly and these changes have made an amazing difference in my health! Along with that, I have decided to start eliminating the chemicals that I come in contact with on a daily basis.

Here’s where we pick up on Day #4: I decided to give up all of my toe nail polish and remover. My hubby, a Senior Environmental Consultant, has mentioned for years how bad the chemicals in the polish remover are. After much thought, I said good-bye to my pretty toes and my toe nail polish and remover.


church book

Day #5: Sunday I prepared for a Monday morning breakfast meeting with a friend by setting aside a book that I thought my friend’s husband might like. I delivered it Monday morning!

A side note on books. I used to have a beautiful bookcase for my book collection. I loved adding another book to the shelves. I remember the day when I was first challenged with the questions, “What are you storing in your home today that would benefit someone else if you gave it to them?” and my books were the first thing that came to my mind. I started small by giving a few books away, but I found that my friends appreciated the books, and they enjoyed the information they contained that I could not stop.

These days I have a small set of books that I keep for my future use and reference, but now as I read a new book, I find myself thinking about who might benefit from the book. When I am finished, the book is on it’s way to it’s new home. Even though we have a Kindle, I still buy paper books just for the joy of giving books away.


black skirt
Day #6: Monday I attend a belly dancing class with another great friend and felt like it was time to get rid of a few belly dancing accessories. This week I put this black skirt in my donation pile and next week I hope to give a sequins scarf to one of the ladies at belly dancing who liked it. More on that next week.


And finally day #7, I donated a pair of capris and threw in a few T-shirts for good measure.


That was not too painful! Now that you have seen my list, do you think you can part with 7 items and pass them on to someone else who could use them? It really is easier than you think, it just takes some intentional thought!

Every item I part with clears space, and that is refreshing to me. My closets are getting to the point where they are not crammed full and there is actually a place for everything, which also keep my house and life cleared of clutter. I love the feeling!

I am confident it is going to get harder as the days and weeks go along, but I am confident that I have 40 items in my home that I can part with.

Until next week! Take some time to think about clearing a little clutter and adding open space to your home and life!

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Linda March 12, 2014

You inspired me: I happened to get a call from a Veterans’ association last week and – for the first time ever – I told them I could have a pickup ready. They came by yesterday and got a lovely kitchen canister set (that took up space on my counter but for years has held just 1 petrified green tea bag). I also got rid of a LOT of clothes that I hadn’t worn all winter and my like-new whistling teakettle, which was a gift from my mother-in-law that I’d felt obligated to keep on the stove…FREEDOM!

    Jen Regan March 13, 2014

    I love seeing the word FREEDOM because it is true! I did not realize how much freedom I was going to feel when getting rid of some of my stuff. I had to giggle because we went on a parallel path. This was the first time I had ever utilized the Veteran’s pickup, I got rid of clothes I did not wear this winter and as for my kitchen, I just took down some trivets that I felt obligated to buy at a Southern Living party years back. Gone! and FREEDOM! Way to go Linda!

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