Wow, That Sounds HARD!

By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

Oct 24

Recently I heard Dr. Tim Elmore speak. He talked about many things that are great in our world today, but also shared some unintended consequences to some of them. Two weeks ago I share the first one, how our world is very fast paced today. The unintended consequence is that sometimes we start to think that “slow” is a bad thing. This week I want to touch on another great thing about our world which is how everything we need is very convenient. Convenience is AWESOME, but it can create an unintended consequence.

Sometimes, before we know it, we get so used to things being convenient and easy that we can accidentally slip into seeing anything that is “hard” as a bad thing.

There are so many areas in my life where I don’t want things to be hard. It was hard to pick just one to use as an example. A HUGE areas that I LOVE convenience is with my food. The food industry has made EVERYTHING convenient. We have yogurt in “to go” packages, every kind of protein or snack bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner that can be zapped in the microwave. Even our fruit is already sliced for us and given to us in individual sized packages. These things are great for a fast paced world, right?

Now let’s look at food on the flip side, preparing and eating food that requires cutting, measuring, mixing, simmering, and more than five ingredients. I have always enjoyed baking, but cooking, not so much. If a recipe has more than five ingredients, I get lost and give up. IT’S HARD. It’s not convenient! But what is truly right? Convenience is not bad in and of itself, but more and more research is coming out that pre-packaged food with lots of preservatives may not be the healthiest for us. The term “clean food” is talked about more and more, but “clean” food is not always convenient food. 

Our world promotes speed and convenience, but the benefit of slow and hard might look like:

  • A family sitting down for a healthy dinner together. (That sounds hard!) Having conversations about what is on each of their minds. (That sounds nice!)

  • Asking everyone to leave their screen of choice at home (That is hard!) and head out on a hike or an adventure of choice. (That sounds nice!)

  • Turning off the TV and peel yourself off the couch (That’s hard after a long day of work) and stay strong through exercise. (This will keep you strong and healthy for the long term, which is nice!) Wow, I have been struggling with this one lately!

Our world is an amazing place to live, but slowing things down and embracing some good things, even though they are hard, will make life better in the long run.

Does this sound overwhelming? Just remember, you and I can’t do everything. We have to pick and choose the things that are the BEST for us and those we care about. 

Are you going to embrace some slow in the midst of the fast pace? Are you going to plan out something hard, knowing the long term benefits of it? I have found both to be well worth it.

Let's Do It Together!  Following through on things that are HARD is not easy. Whatever you try to tackle, share your plans with a friend. Help and encourage each other through the process.

Photo by Dana Tentis from Pexels

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