You Have A Greater Purpose

By Jen Regan | Living Life Together

Apr 16

I was challenged with a question this week. Do I believe I have a greater purpose to live out in life, one that is more important than the job I get paid to do? I answered “yes” and I believe you would, too. My greatest purpose is to love and nurture those loved ones that have been entrusted to me in life. Why then do I find it so much easier to do my “job” and struggle with investing in my loved ones here at home?

To start to get my head around this, I spent some time thinking about this “greater purpose”. It is my greater purpose to love and invest in my family. But it is not a one way street. It is also their greater purpose to invest in me and the family as well. I think this is key. This is not just about mom or dad taking care of everyone, this is about everyone taking care of everyone.

I don’t know about you, but even though this is common sense, this requires a big shift in my thinking, and a big shift in what we teach our kids to be important. 

If we really believe in this greater purpose we have to start by…

Defining what that means and looks like for our family. Each of our families look different. Some of you are single with no kids. Some, like me, are married without kids. Many of you have kids, and some have grown kids with grandkids entering the picture. Right now, let’s define who the individuals are in our lives that we are to invest our time in. They are our greater purpose when all is said and done.

Envision a future where our family is living this greater purpose out on a daily basis. How are we going to know what steps to move forward if we do not know what we want to work towards? Start to make a list of what this might look like for you and your loved ones in the future. As thoughts come to your mind throughout the week, add them to your list. 

Ask yourself:

  • What baby steps can I start with to move forward towards the future I have described above? 

  • How can I love myself as I learn? 

  • How can I help each of my loved ones start to think of others more?

  • How can I love them as they try to learn and grow?

These changes are not going to happen overnight, but what a great purpose to strive towards. We are all home together right now. It has the potential to be so much better if we all think of each other, and slowly but surely, make each other our greatest purpose. 

My daily walk with Jesus: I believe this blog post was birthed out of time that I spent focused on God. He challenges me to be better and better every day. My growth and personal development is very important to Him. He wants me to focus on the right things and not get sidetracked with less important things. His challenges are not always easy, but He helps me through them one step at a time, one day at a time. Most importantly, He loves me as I try to learn.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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Kay L Bruno April 19, 2020

I love that idea-everybody taking care of everybody. I think we tend to take each other for granted in our families. This period of extended time at home with family is a great opportunity to start practicing grace, start walking in grace with one another and respecting each other’s God given value in each other.

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