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Hi, I'm  Jen

I am so glad our paths have crossed. It is my hope to love and encourage you through whatever challenges you face today, help you to determine the path that is right for you as you move forward in life and encourage you to be the best YOU you can possibly be!

If you have just been hit with a tough challenge in your life, you more than likely feel stunned... fearful...uncertain... overwhelmed!

You also know deep down that you have to keep going.

Your way through this challenging time is to take one Small Baby Step at a time. You can do this! I would love to help.

I want to help you by providing Encouragement and Resources

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It is my heart's desire to encourage you as you navigate life's challenges, try to determine your next steps in life, and be the best YOU you can be. Join me each week by signing up today!

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Living Through Devastating Times: Your Personal Baby Steps To Get You Through Today

As you may be experiencing, the world around you does not stop when you are struggling. It keeps moving and expects you to keep up when your heart is hurting and you feel like you have more on your plate than you can handle. 

With you in mind, I have put together this booklet that is  short and simple,  but there is power in its simplicity. 

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Life Planning Course - 
Align Your Life With What Matters Most!

Is 2020 the year for you to stay focused on the Most Important things in your life? This Premium Online "work at your own pace" Course walks you through 4 lessons that will help you define what is most important to you, dream about what you want your future to look like and start to take small manageable baby steps to move you forward towards your ideal future.

"Jen is a wonderfully kind person who truly has others’ interest at heart. She is always encouraging and helpful in showing people how to live their best lives.  She does this with grace, tenacity and thoughtfulness. She is a dedicated caregiver to her family and those around her. A very rare and determined individual that I find it a privilege to know!"

Beth, Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant