Navigate Life with Confidence

Welcome!  I'm Jen.

I am so glad our paths have crossed. It is my hope to love and encourage you through whatever challenges you face today. I'm a wife, working professional and woman who desperately wants life to run smoothly, but it has not. Through my many tough times, I have become an expert in taking small baby steps to get me through. So can you!

If you have just been hit with a tough challenge in your life, you more than likely feel stunned... fearful...uncertain... overwhelmed!

You also know deep down that you have to keep going.

Your way through this challenging time is to take one Small Baby Step at a time. You can do this! I would love to help.

I want to help you by providing Encouragement and Resources

Weekly Blog

Right Steps, Through Tough Times

When you are hit with tough times, it is important to get encouragement and direction on how to move forward through them. I publishes a weekly blog to help you do just that. Sign up today to receive some much needed encouragement!

Free Resource

Coming Soon! 

It's Time For Some Give & Take

When we are hit with a tough time, so many times we think we should pile it on top of everything else we have going on in lives. The reality is, there needs to be some give and take. This free resource will help you take baby steps in the right direction!

Premium Online Course

Coming in January!

What's REALLY Most Important To You?

When live gets turned upside down, it's a great time to reflect on what is truly Most Important in your life. This Premium Online Course walks you through 4 lessons that will help you define what is most important and take baby steps to focus your time and energy in those areas!

"Jen is a wonderfully kind person who truly has others’ interest at heart. She is always encouraging and helpful in showing people how to live their best lives.  She does this with grace, tenacity and thoughtfulness. She is a dedicated caregiver to her family and those around her. A very rare and determined individual that I find it a privilege to know!"

Beth, Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant